Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

before room

So today is the day we have been waiting for with great anticipation for weeks.

We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seat and talking about it and rolling our eyes and crossing our fingers and toes and wondering when it would finally get here and what we should do to get ready.

We even had a count down.

T minus 45 hours and 16 minutes.

You’re probably thinking it’s this before and after room makeover.  And while the room looks amazing and I can’t even believe it turned out like it did and the geometric hexagon wall that we created from scratch takes my breath away.  But that’s so not even what I’m talking about.

We have been waiting for something even better.

The season premiere of Fuller House.

I know, right?

DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and Uncle Jesse are in the house.

Literally. 🙂

Iron Spheres

More on Fuller House opinions and discussion later.

For today, let’s talk room makeovers.

About six weeks ago I got an e-mail in my inbox asking me if I could create a room for FrogTape to use in their marketing and advertising.

It had to be bold and full of color and the centerpiece of the room had to be some kind of overall patterned wall design where you thought outside of the box and came up with something amazing.

If you have read this blog for more than five minutes, you know I love a challenge.

Almost better than broccoli.

before room

I wanted to give you a sneak peak before it was published, so this is the room I started with.

White walls painted SW Alabaster (my favorite white paint color).

Simple, plain, basic, builder grade room.

And now?

Hold onto your horses.

Geometric Hexagon Room after

It’s a honeycomb room.

And it all started with that wall.

That glorious, wonderful ombre hexagon wall with gray and white and pops of orange.

I’m going to do a DIY on how we did it later.

Hexagon Wood Shelves

But why just stop at an ombre wall with painted hexagons?

Don’t pause there when you could have wood hexagon shelving?

We even painted the inside of the hexagons the same color as the hexagon they were hanging on.

white apple hexagon wall

And then I added one simple statement piece in each of the shelves.

I added a geometric-shaped asterisk and an hour glass and here’s a geometric shaped apple.

I love the contrast of the apple against the gray.

Before and after geometric hexagon wall

Against the back of the wall, I placed mid-century modern sideboard painted white.

And topped it with white curved lamps with chevron-patterned shades.

The curved lines of the lamp look so Jetson against the painted wall.

Wire Sculpture

The centerpiece on the table started with a large white vase covered in ceramic leaves.

Then I added geometric wire and wood branches that I spray painted to look like metal.

I fluffed all the branches and let them spill out over the table.

Hexagon wall shelving geometric pattern

Here’s one more look at the space before I go.

I’ll be back with how-to’s and geometric print wall tape-offs and wood shelf DIY’s.

But in the meantime?

I have a show to watch. 🙂

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  1. Amazing, and so cool! You have outdone yourself, and Frog Tape will be so excited to share your project, I’m sure you blew them away!

  2. Challenge win!! Great job.

  3. Absolutely beautiful and so creative!! Keep up the good work! Rebecca

  4. WOW. You ALWAYS wow me! Just gorgeous!!!

  5. Wow!

  6. Where is that room….a studio or in your house, doesn’t look like in your home.

  7. Beautifully creative. I can’t imagine calculating the initial layout. Simply awesome.

  8. Fantastic!!!! The best wall EVER!

  9. Oh my!!! OH MY!!! Love love love this….and of course I would. If I ever am asked what style I like for room decor, I’m not going to say “French Country, or Mid-Century Modern, etc….” my answer will be :”I love the KARIANNE style” ….who’s with me???

  10. Once again, you have out done yourself! Love the orange (one of my personal faves) with the gray. Thanks for bringing sunshine into an ordinary day!

  11. AWESOME!
    I’ve never laid eyes on anything this Grand til today!!
    You are Excellent!!!

  12. The depth of your talent has no limit! Brilliant! 😉

  13. Oh my goodness, Karianne, that is amazing!! I love every detail. Hope you liked the show, Full House was always one of my favorites!

  14. You are amazing!!! Great creativity!!!

  15. Just spectacular! Love the design and wowy colors!!:)

  16. Rebecca Turner :

    Great job! Very modern and chic. Love the color combination!

  17. Oh! It’s even better than I imagined!

  18. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into that. The ‘wow’ factor is off the charts!

  19. Fantastical!

  20. HI KariAnne,
    You never cease to amaze me! If anyone can think outside the box…YOU can! What an exciting and colorful room…but I’m trying to think where this room might be…is it one of the rooms in your office space, down at the end of your driveway? Do you have a room that you just “do” and “redo?”
    It’s very bright and colorful and I bet wherever it is, it gets lots of comments…”good ones!”
    Blessings, Jeanne

  21. You are so creative, look forward to your blog every morning in my inbox!

  22. It’s truly amazing and has the wow-factor, KariAnne. You did a fabulous job! I love that you added those little hexagon shelfs for some depth and additional interest. The FrogTape people must be excited to use this space for their marketing and advertising.

  23. Michelle Rudis :

    Genius! You are totally genius!! Especially love that you painted the inside of the boxes to match.

  24. Fantastic!! Over the top! Win!!!

  25. That is an amazing wall, Karianne…so fun, and I can just imagine it used with family photos…each section is like a frame!

  26. This is awesome! So, how was the tape? Did the paint run under the tape? Does the wall have to be super smooth for it to work? I am so curious about it…

  27. Kari Anne it’s GORGEOUS!!! I love the colors, the pattern…..every detail!

  28. “Wella honeycomb, won’t ya be my baby,
    Wella honeycomb… MY OWN!!!” I am
    gaga over this transformation!! Love it!!!

  29. This room is just my style, I love it. So beautiful. Can’t wait for the DIY how to post. happy Friday

  30. Rosalie McCreary :

    Karianne you have outdone yourself!!!!… Again!!!!
    All the walls in our new apartment are SW Argos!!!!!!!! I would love to do this in part of the hallway. The colors are perfect! Looking forward to seeing the DIY. Have a great weekend!!!

  31. Girlfriend you really are a ROCKSTAR! This is the total package ~ awesome design idea, DIY skills, fresh styling, and gorgeous photography!! How are you using the room? I want to come sit down for coffee and convo ~ I’ll bring baked treats too!

  32. WOW! You not only took them up on their challenge, you RAN with it! Awesome, awesome job!

  33. Now that’s what I’m talking about, girlfriend! Neutral with pops of bright (and not-so-bright) orange. Truly a delight to see this makeover on your blog today. You’ve kissed the frog and found a prince!

  34. Lanita Anderson :

    Wow!! It looks amazing and I love those colors together…..

  35. Love it! The color choice makes it work!!! You go girl!

  36. Love the room. The colors are amazing — modern but in a restful way. I would be very comfortable in that room. In fact I may want to move from the pantry. I told you, you wouldn’t even know I was living there 😉 Have a great weekend.

  37. Everyone has already said all of the things I would say so…


    Have a happy weekend friend,

  38. OH! This is just just too cool! I love how you incorporated the shelves. I am going to have to see if I can do thi in the kids’ room.

    Just watched the first 3 Fuller House episodes! FUN!

  39. Just gorgeous!

  40. Yikes! I have a headache!

  41. That literally took my breath away. I was SO not expecting that, but I love it! It seems so far outside of your comfort zone…

  42. Love it!!!! Is THIS in the gatehouse? Or not a real room…? Or….?

  43. KariAnne! Not only are you funny you are over the top creative and sweet inside and out!
    Smiles from Oz,

  44. It looks fabulous! I cannot wait to see and hear more about the project! Have a fabulous weekend.

  45. O. M. G!!!!! That wall is amazing!!! I mean AMAZING!!! BEAUTIFUL!! And INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Your awesome!!

  46. Linda Andersen :

    Whelp, you did it again! When this wall was done, did you stand back and clap your hands and jump up and down??? I would have. I did, but sitting down. So super cute.

  47. Kari, this truly shows your talent as a designer. While the room clearly wouldn’t fit in your own home, you’ve created a fun, colorful, playful space that is perfect for someone else! I love the calm Blue’s and White’s of my own home but can truly appreciate this room in all of its creative wonderfulness!!

  48. Just when I think you can’t get any better, you come up with something to amaze me! Who’s the rockstar? Your the rockstar! Sue

  49. I’m having dejavu , I can see Doris day standing there looking simply thrilled. You are an amazing artist. I hope the world doesn’t steal you away from us. But I think we will all come along with you, if you can handle that many BFF’s

  50. Wonderful creation! I especially love how you incorporated some hexagon shelves right into the design – so creative.

  51. Just stunning! The space literally took my breath away. And Fuller House is amazing, right?!?!?

  52. It’s absolutely stunning. I love the colors you used.

  53. Have you heard? This is amazing! Your eye for design never disappoints. A wall as fun and colorful as you, KariAnne!

  54. That is so cool! The hexes, the colors, the shelves, the white, the lamps, the MC…well just everything. So fresh and vibrant. Can’t wait to see the post! Dang, did I miss Fuller House?

  55. Super W.O.W.! This is gorgeous from the colors that you used to the way you styled it. Simply marvelous! Thanks for sharing with us at Brag About It! Look for your feature at next weeks party! Have a lovely week ahead and thank you so much for sharing your awesome project with us!

  56. God has truly blessed you with an amazing talent. Just when I think you have done it all, you come up with something else that blows me out of the water. Wow! Just wow!

  57. So creative and beautiful!! 🙂

  58. What a unique wall! Love it!

  59. Absolutely LOVE this! Thanks for linking to Link Party Palooza! I always enjoy visiting your site!

  60. Such a gorgeous room! I’ve been seeing hexagons all over the place. Can’t wait to see your tutorial!