Before and After Front Entry

Before and After Front Entry

Front Entry Ivy

You may have noticed that the front entry has stripes now and there’s a wooden deer head on the wall and a new chair and a rusty, chunky, pallet word that says “FARM”….

….but can we discuss summer footwear for a moment?

I have to interrupt this regularly scheduled before and after to ask a very important question.

Have you seen the sandal selection this summer?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Front Entry Farm

I just spent an afternoon shoe shopping and five stores, four frustrated hours and two tired feet later, I have come to the conclusion that there are only two basic sandal options this season.

Option 1:  Completely flat shoes without a heel.  Pretty.  Basic. Comfortable.

But they are all  FLLLLLLLAT.

Pros:  There are days when I like flat.  Flat gets you everywhere without your feet hurting.  Flat says I’m comfortable.  I’m here.  I’m ready to party.

Cons:  Flat makes you short.  If you are five feet tall and you wear flat sandals, you know what that makes you?

Five feet tall.

Front Entry Wall Art

Front Entry Gray and Whte Stripes

Option 2:  Skyscraper heels.  Five inch heels with platform wedges. Six inch heels with cork and silver and extra personality.

Pros:  Skyscraper heels are tall and pretty.

They are perfect for simply sitting and looking cute.

Cons:  Not so great for walking.

I tried and failed.

Front Hallway Letter

Front Entry Stairs

So just between us…..what did 2015 do with all the medium heel sandals?

Where did they go?

Did all the shoe people get together and decide we all needed an un-medium shoe intervention?

Front Entry Architecture

Dear Mr. Shoemaker….here’s a suggestion:

1 1/2 inch heel.

Sparkly rhinestone on the front.

Sling back..  Black.  Size 7.


I’ll click my flat sandals together and wish them to Kentucky. 🙂


PS:  Oh….and I almost forgot.

Here’s the before…..

Front Entry Stripes

And here’s the after.

Happy shoe shopping. 🙂

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the shoes. I’ve noticed the same thing during all the seasons. Flat or super high! Good luck with the continued search, but I’m sure in a week or two they’ll be putting out the boots.

    Love the new entry way!

  2. You have to try Yellow Box sandals. I started wearing them when I lived in Florida and found them in boutiques. Now they have them on HSN, at Beall’s and I think Kohls. HSN has a large selection of wedges, and you could wear them from morning until night! They also,have their own website, or you can Google them!
    Please try them!

  3. Miz karianne,
    Five feet tall and obviously bullet proof….and packed to the brim with all kinds of talent…..and if you were say, 5 feet six inches, people would look at you and say: just another cute red-lipstick-red-nail-polish-wearing-gal. But at 5 foot, you make an impression that’s not easily forgotten, girl! Knock their socks off at Haven….;)

  4. Robin Stephens :

    Your before AND after spaces are equally lovely! Your style is splendid stem to stern. I am mostly in love with the “Phonetic” artwork. Please share, if you are willing, where I can get one. I want one….and I want it now…….. (That’s a bit Veruca Salt….but I do so want one!!)

  5. Hi Karianne,
    Do what I do and order online. Fantastic choice, easy exchange and big range of price. I ordered a pair for my son’s wedding and they didn’t match my dress, so, no problem, exchanged for another colour.
    I order from Styletrend, but I’m in Australia, not sure if its a Worldwide site, just Google shoes on line and you will be in shoe heaven.
    Cheers Lynne x

  6. Lisa Darling :

    You must try Zappos. Free shipping and returns. Order a few sizes your first time so your’e sure to get a good fit. They have a great search engine (heel height, style, size, color, etc), so I typed in your requirements and came up with this shoe, but you can browse to find exactly what you want.

  7. I’m in love with your foyer! Is that weird? It’s not like I want to marry it or anything, but would totally like to take it out for dinner and a movie and see where it goes 🙂

  8. I’ve given up on nice summer sandals, and resorted to camo-patterned crocs flipflops: I see it as being wittily ironic, but I’m pretty sure I’m seen as the local redneck.

    Nice foyer!

  9. All of the above suggestions are great and I’ll tell you who comes up with ideas for shoes — MISOGYNISTS!!!! First they want to cram our toes into a little point. Then they make shoes so high you’re bound to fall and break your leg or neck or both. And if that doesn’t work they make other shoes so ugly they make your feet look like duck feet. How about some cute shoes with arch support so you can stand and walk comfortably?? Is that too much to ask? Okay rock star — do you think you can squeeze in shoe designer as well as all that you do? We women would be truly grateful!!
    Good luck with your speech but I don’t think you’ll need it — I know you’ll be great!!!!!! Big Hugs!

  10. Beautiful! I feel your pain with regard to the 5′ and flat sandals…I have had no luck either. Have a great weekend!

  11. Nancy Steitz :

    Being a West Point Grad Mom, I fell in love with your Gray/neutral color scheme instantly! I had to pin your “phonetic” Art Work! If you created that yourself could you share the tutorial PLEASE. …your style, sense of “home” & love for decorating radiates all through the “Farmhouse”. The best part of my morning is opening up your emails! Thanks so much for sharing your inspirations & stories! By the way, I’m 5′ & can’t wear anything higher than 1.5″ heels> so to create a new focus on ME I wear Downton Abbey styled hats! Never thought I was a hat person, but I am now!

  12. Donna Smith :

    I love you I said it! you are great and I am in love with the morse code artwork and Im 5 ‘4 and constantly told you’re short I like it down here and God stops growing you when you’re perfect! I love your home!

  13. KariAnne, love the “new” entry!
    Where did you get the “morse code” chart?????? I have to have one!!

  14. Size 12 women’s (13 for workout shoes) and narrow so mens shoes are out…you think you have a problem with short…try clown feet! On the upside I have a pretty steady base and I tend to not fall or trip…

  15. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country :

    Gorgeous transformation and great example of how awesome those colors work together!! Love it! And I hear ya on those shoes… I can’t wear a flat-flat. I need some support or I’m in pain. Shopping can be such a chore sometimes -lol! Have a great weekend!

  16. Hello beautiful new hallway. If that hallway wore new sandals it might be these:

    They aren’t tall but they are comfortable and add a little sparkle everywhere you go. 🙂 They are on my wish list but let me tell you…I have them in leopard. 🙂

  17. Plus “they” said that flip flops are out and sandals are in. Silly “they”.
    Love the entry way, so fresh.

  18. That phonetic alphabet chart is to die for! Being a reading teacher by day, it totally tugged at my heart strings….especially W is for whisky {yum}.

    I’m sorry you can’t find just the right height heel. I am 5’8″ {not bragging, I swear}. I like flippies, but I love my high wedges too. The best sign in my house though says, “Live life in flip flops”.

    Happy day!
    xoxo, Trina

  19. Love the stripes in an unexpected place the foyer, but I really think your wooden trophy is off scale for the area you want to use it in. (Just antlers,( real ones or maybe a set of racku clay antlers ) might provide more interest because there is dimension from every angle.

  20. Karianne, I’m just going to come out and state it- you are my favorite blogger- now it is out in the open and another thing, as creative as you are, start a collaboration with a shoe company to design your own line of shoes – don’t you love it. I’m looking for some medium size heels in everything, not happening, they are not out there. Help us all, thanks. And thanks for not changing everything in your house everyday just to have something to write, I wonder if these women are ever satisfied (sorry that just came out)

  21. God stops growing you when you are perfect!
    I love that comment and wholeheartedly agree!
    Loce, love the foyer and may have even drooled
    a wee bit! Wish I could be at Haven to hear your
    speech. You would hear me clapping very loudly
    in the back. Good luck ROCKSTAR! xoxoxo : )

  22. Hi Karianne,
    I discovered the brand La Plume while in Florida. I have 3-4 pairs of their sandals. Go online and look at them. Mine all have a wedge and my red ones have a strap behind the heel. I get compliments on them all the time. Most of theirs with a wedge are 1-1 1/2 inches high. They’re great with dresses or shorts. Good luck!

  23. Your entry wall is Bright and Cheery……….just like you. Enjoy those days when you can wear ANY shoe, heels, flats, flip flops…………..senior years has one wearing sneakers ( not fashionable when you want to dress up ) :{

  24. Donna Marie :

    I like it!!!

  25. Fit Flop, look at on Zappos. You can order from them or try Dillard’s who has a sale now. The most comfortable sandal ever all colors, rhinestones or not.You will love them!

  26. Love your entry. Where did you get the side table?

    I have the same issues with shoes. I need a little heel and find Clarks to be very comfortable. These are the shoes I can wear all day. The come in red, black and tan. Check on Zappos for all Clarks shoes. Some are chunky but they do have some cuter styles too. I love using Zappos.

    Good luck.

  27. Every day.
    Every single day.
    I visit your blog with excitement and anticipation.
    Of what you will have to say.
    I am never. ever. disappointed.
    Thanking you once again, Karianne.
    For helping me to start the day with a big smile and a chuckle.

  28. Love the new foyer – will you share the paint colors?

  29. I’ve wondered the same thing about the heels on shoes, either flat or so high I know I would make a spectacle of myself walking on the way to our town library.

    Love the look of your new entry.

  30. Becky garrison :

    Where did you get the phonics chart? I teach children with dyslexia to read and must have that. Love it! Also the chalkboard! Perfect! Did you purchase it or create it.

  31. Karianne, I agree. I don’t feel comfortable in real flats and definitely can’t do the 4 inch heels! It’s really hard to find that 2 inch height and still be cute. It’s frustrating, especially when you’ve got that cute outfit and then no shoes to go with it.

  32. A woman after my own heart! I have had the same shoe dilemma. I have a bad back and my doctor said “NO FLATS, NO HIGH HEELS”. He said a slight wedge under 2 inches is the best. I have been on the hunt and struck gold at Famous Footwear. My feet are fussy after standing on them for years while at work so I need to try them on.

  33. Rebecca Turner :

    Oh, I guess I’ll be the third Becky in a row to comment because I can’t help myself. Let’s face it, you’ve touched on a “sore spot,” and I for one, have aching feet. Women’s shoes are undoubtedly designed by men, who don’t have to walk around in six inch heels. I am five ft, eight inches, and even so, I need a little lift (which is much better than flat). My rhuematologist told me to wear wedges, but he didn’t mean six inch heels. This season I’ve been walking around in a clunky pair of clogs that I bought last year, because unfortunately, I left my perfectly sized wedge heels at my cousins house…and my feet hurt in everything else. As to your foyer, it looks very sophisticated (which is always a good thing) but the old, warmer color “spoke” to the burlap drapes in the dining room, didn’t it?! I hope you’re not getting ready to change those, because I love them!

  34. Before I rant about shoes, I love the new entry! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this angle of your entry before that I can recall. I like it! What color is the gray?
    I love shoes, they are my weakness, they always fit when jeans may not, haha. I completely 100% agree with you about 1 1/2 to 2 inch heels, I’ve had the same issue. Flat with no support, or sky high with ankle twisting possibilities galore. No thanks. I want a 1 to 2 inch heel that is (a) cute (b) comfy and (c) doesn’t look like an orthopedic shoe. Shoe designers can you hear us? Bueller? Bueller? 😉

  35. Love the front entrance! Please tell me where I can obtain a copy of the Morse Code print. Thanks, Jackie

  36. KariAnne, don’t think badly about me, but I don’t do rhinestones, and I don’t do 1-1/2″ heels on sandles – even if Mr. Shoemaker DID have them this season.
    My best beloved sandles are my well-worn Birkenstocks that are butt ugly (as my hubby would say), but they are SO comfy. I’m all about comfy. 🙂

  37. Adore the new look! Crazy about the FARM letters! But over the top gaga for the Phonics poster!!! Hope you are going to reveal the source. Pinning for my husband’s office — Morse Code so very steampunk.
    Now about shoes….. Can they get any uglier? I need flats because of a broken foot years ago. But is it too much to ask for just a little pretty?

  38. Hi– I’m painting my front staircase and would love to know which natural runner you chose and the cool carpet stays. I’ve been hesitating because there are so many options out there and sometimes the process paralyzes me!!

  39. you never cease to amaze 🙂 ………. who else “interrupts” a gorgeous reveal… to talk about SHOES!! lolololol….. however, I am sooo with you on this…. all the summer sandals are FLAT… very very cute… but flat!!! I was hoping for just a bit of a heel to dress it up just a little… you know .. for work , etc. “Strappy.. a bit of a heel… cute.. cute.. and a little more cute!!” Being 5′ 1″ I do need a LITTLE help after all!! 🙂 .. Love the bright colors though and I did reward myself with a few pair anyway…. 🙂

  40. It’s a travesty I tell you! Have had a hell of a time finding summer sandals this year! Like the update.

  41. LOVE the stripes! Getting ready to paint my entry, hall, and living room and I love the light that the white and gray give it.
    I had my own perplexing shoe moment earlier this summer when I decided to get some Espadrilles. I loved these and used to buy them on my part-time ice cream scooping job, in the 80’s. But now they cost like $50- $100! For some woven rope and thin canvas… I mean seriously? What are they thinking.
    And I second your motion! At 5’2″ and bad feet, but not wanting to look frumpy, request some cut mid hell sandals!
    We need a designer to fill this hole in the market for us. Short moms unite!

  42. Love the new entryway! Also, the Morse Code sign is awesome…where oh where did you purchase it?

  43. love your front entry redo!!! entrance to more good thing instore. is there a source for the farm letters? p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

  44. I NEED that phonetic alphabet with Morse code chart. Where can I find one???

  45. I love the stripes. It makes the space look so open and airy.
    On the shoe front, check out Gentle Souls Footwear. They are by Kenneth Cole and are stylish and super comfortable. There are lots of different wedge, flats and boot styles.
    Happy shoe hunting.

  46. Love the color and the stripes 🙂

    I’ve 5’10 when I wear flats….

    Over 6′ when wearing heels….I can’t walk in them gracefully so I sit in a chair hoping I look graceful 😉

  47. I have three words for you. (at the risk of giving away one of my highly guarded secrets) Design your own shoes. Pros: You get just what you want. Cons: The price is a little steep. Not Louboutin steep, but hefty. I just ordered shoes for my daughter’s wedding and she ordered her’s too. I picked the double d’orsay style, sparkly gold leather, kitten heel, trimmed in bronze silk. Daughter got cream fish scale, sling-back on sparkly gold platform, with blue leather insole (something blue), with personal embossing on the inside with her wedding date. It’s like a candy store for the shoes enthusiast.
    p.s. I was a radio communication analyst in the Air Force and I want that morse code sign too.

  48. Two words: double WOW!!

  49. Hehehe…I’ll pray to the Sandal God for you!
    Love the stripes KariAnne! Looks lovely!!! I need to make me one of those Phonetic Alphabet and Morse Code signs! Holy cow, Mr. Gunnery Sergeant BHL would love that for his office!
    Have a great day:D

  50. I think your entryway is sooooooo beautiful…you were very brave to go with such a wide stripe and I think your courage paid off handsomely! Just like about everyone else, I am in love with the Morse Code print and wonder where you got it…and also the FARM letters which are just my cup ‘o’ tea!

    I know what you mean about the sandals, I, too, would like a bit of a heel…I find them much more comfortable that way. I just dusted off my sandals from last year and have been wearing them along with my *gasp* Birkenstocks when I have serious walking to do. I am wishing you all kinds of luck in finding a sandal that will fit your needs and will knock you out (in a good way, of course)!

    I see from some of the comments you have a speech to give at Haven and I want to add my voice wishing you well…but you know what, you don’t really need my well-wishes because you’ve soooooooo got this! Just like all other Rock Stars, you are going to ROCK da house! 🙂

  51. Love it all but WHAT is that wonderful carpet going up the stairs and where did you get the carpet stays?
    And by the way, ZAPPOS gets my vote on shoe issues.

  52. what an interesting way to present your thoughts for this post~I do hope you still found a place for the “when the skies are gray” sign..loving that.

  53. Your foyer is great — but what did we expect besides perfection! Morse code chart…. LOVE it!
    Better watch out for FLAT – not enough cushion and causes heel pain… coming from one who knows!

    Knock ’em dead in Atlanta!!

  54. This is beautiful! I added the same gray/cream tone of stripes to our stairway recently and LOVE them 🙂

  55. I have said the exact same thing to my girls when looking for shoes! I am tall, 5’10”, so I don’t wear 5 inch heels, and I do usually wear flats, but sometimes a little heel looks nicer and a little dressier. Glad I am not the only one who felt this way! Your entry looks gorgeous, as usual! Thanks for sharing and happy weekend!

  56. You don’t need sparkly shoes to shine…you do that all on your own! …Like today, I bet you are shining at Haven just like I said you would the very first time you went! You lit up the room, I’m sure of it!

  57. Hey girlie! What about 6 ! They have great shoes and other things!
    And try /sp? !
    Hey and what about they are awesome and its
    Ohhh! And
    Good luck! I know you should def. be able to find something! Lemme know! K?

  58. … I love the after porch entry… the stripes and mat are wonderful….

  59. Love your foyer! I also love the architectural pieces by your stairway. Where did you get those or did you make them?

  60. I’ve been poking around your blog here and there for a few weeks now but this is the moment you totally won me over!! Those stripes, the light, all your cute vintage adds, and shoe talk…you got yourself a new reader my friend. But I just gotta know where oh where did you get that phonetic alphabet sign from?! It looks like a super cute, random vintage find but I hope not cause my husband is military and we talk in phonetic alphabet all the time so I need it. Great job on your new foyer!!

  61. carol carroll :

    Well if I could be sure, I WOULD definitely send you some shoes, poor darling, some like Gypsy Soul Tatum Wedge, or (Michael Kors)
    ‘ARIEL’ SNAKE EFFECT LEATHER WEDGE SUEDE SANDALS, those would cover the bases, with any style.
    But I bet your pretty blonde hair and red lipstick, WAS the perfect “look at the chandelier ” effect and no one noticed your pretty little toes..
    Oh and I do love EVERYTHING in the entry…

  62. Bummer on the shoe shopping. I feel the same way about jeans…I am always in between sizes and they either give me plumber butt when I bend down or pop my muffin top…eek. Heels, oh boy…I am pretty clumsy, so I don’t really even attempt it. I am more on the comfort side of things….summer is definitely flip flops and pretty pedicures. All other times of the year it is flats. Karianne, maybe you need to start designing shoes for us all…Rockstars and Rhinestones! Oh, and the stripes look fantastic!

  63. I love your entryway refresh, Kari Anne. It looks crisp with the gray and white stripes, and all the textures are what I’ve always really loved about your style 🙂

  64. I feel the same about the sandal conspiracy! Give me a little heel and I feel good about myself!

    Love the entry makeover 🙂

  65. Love that little table! Both the before & after look very nice!

  66. What a beautiful front entry! I am in awe. It looks so welcoming. Thank you so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday. I am so excited you stopped by and hope you will join again tomorrow!

  67. I’m with you on the whole shoe thing but I could barely read what you were saying because I was so stunned by your gorgeous entryway! You rock girl! Now go online and find you some decent shoes.

  68. Love the new entryway. Please share where you got the small table.