Before and After Bedroom Reveal

Before and After Bedroom Reveal

1-pallet wood organizer

It’s that time of year again.

National Painting Week with Sherwin-Williams.

The week of the year where they select a handful of bloggers to redesign a room and make it their own with a little paint and a lot of imagination.  This year, I completely transformed a room upstairs that you’ve never seen before.

I know.

I get it.

I’m as surprised as you that it has taken this room as long as it has to show up on the blog.

But I think a few stinky socks got in the way. 🙂

before picture

Let’s start with the before.

Here’s the room where my favorite basketball player dreams of his next big game-winning basket.

I think I painted it this baby blue color the year he spent trying to convince us he was a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Before he grew taller than anyone in the house.

Before the socks took over.

It was time for a change.

Before Boys room

It’s a beautiful room with plenty of natural light.

There are four windows and two doors, which made the layout kind of awkward.

There was also a carpet on the floor that had lived long past its prime.

during picture

Here’s the room mid-transformation.

The walls have now been painted SW Wool Skein.

We’ve pulled up the carpet to reveal the beautiful pine floors underneath.  We really wanted to sand and stain the floors….but boards had been added to the flooring and all the different colors and types of wood made staining a little bit improbable.

So we painted and decorated and installed a wood wall.

And now the room looks like this.

1-boys bedroom

I’m so happy with it.

The house is so happy with it.

But more importantly….

….the basketball player is happy with it.

room makeover

We started with the bed.

We kept the original bed and painted it SW Naval.  It’s the prettiest navy blue.  There’s a hint of gray undertones with rich, cool tones.  The bed was painted with two coats of paint and then reassembled and placed on the wall next to the window.

1-books and bookend

painted bed

We pulled up the carpet and sanded the floor and painted it SW Stamped Concrete.

And then to warm up the room I picked out an area rug that matched the color of our dog’s fur.  Color matching your rug with your dog’s fur is important if you have a golden retriever who sleeps at the foot of the bed every night.

exit sign

1-Room Makeover

We created a focal wall with wood planks from the home improvement store.

The planks are simply 1 x 6’s nailed in rows that are slightly off-set.  I’m working on a how-to for the wall complete with video.  That may or may not feature me dancing the lawn mower.

Details to come.

1-books and baseball

1-leather chair

Under the bay windows we added leather chairs and a spool table.

The basketball player wanted it known the encyclopedias were not staying because he didn’t need them.  He had Google.

Duly noted.

1-grain sack


And then I decorated every square inch.

I made striped curtains for the window and pillows for the bed and made the bed with new bedding in neutral colors.  And we installed this chalkboard into an old window frame and made a coat rack from an old newel post.

And kept all the basketballs.

Every. Single. One.

1-rustic boys bedroom

And when we were done and the room tucked in the corner of the upstairs with the brilliant view of the treetops and sunlight streaming in through the windows and dancing across the newly painted wooden floors was finished.

The basketball player slowly sauntered into the room.

He looked around at all the changes and promptly spent a couple of minutes looking the room up and down.

Then he smiled from ear to ear, jumped up, touched the ceiling and leapt onto the bed with a bag full of Cheetos.

And (wait for it)….

….tossed those socks right back onto the floor. 🙂

PS  You can still enter to win $100 gift card from Sherwin-Williams….here.


disclosure:  This post was written in a collaborative partnership with Sherwin-Williams for National Painting Week.  All opinions on painting and colors and rooms are completely my own.  Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Very nice I like

  2. Kari Anne, your son’s room looks awesome! I love the leather chairs and the encyclopedias, the chalkboard and the newel post, the neutral background with the pops of red and blue. It’s a shame you couldn’t refinish the floors (we are having the same problem with the 2nd floor in our old farmhouse) but painting them is the next best thing! I totally want to steal that newel post for our entryway stairs:). I will be pinning ALMOST every pic for inspiration for our sons room…thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Really great room! I think the bed, the wood wall and the leather chairs are my favorites!

  4. I want the encyclopedias! It’s all beautiful!

  5. It’s all grown up looking! It turned out great. Love the leather chairs, neutral walls, plank wall, the color of the bed, and ok, everything. 🙂

  6. Great job – I love it! Including the encyclopedia’s, Google or no Google 🙂

  7. Looks just perfect for your basketball player. Would a basketball net hung over a laundry basket help the socks find the right place? LOL

  8. OMG! I have been to Wall Lake, Iowa! It totally slapped me across the face when those pics showed up! I grew up very near to it. Such memories….thank you!!!

  9. I love the room!!!!! YOU have such a gift and I thank you for sharing with us.
    I’d never given much thought to the color Stamped Concrete, but now have SO many places I could utilize it! Thanks for your wonderful inspiration.

  10. Maybe it’s just because I’m a boy………but this is my favorite room in your house. And I don’t even play basketball. Well done!

  11. It’s really a beautiful space. I love everything. He’s a lucky kid. You did make me chuckle with the rug that matches the dogs fur. A few years ago we stained our porch floor the prettiest shade of gray. The problem was every time the dog came up on the porch we had muddy paw prints everywhere, so two summers ago when we had to stain again my husband suggested we go with “paw print brown”. It made a world of difference.

  12. L.O.V.E. it! My stepson moved out in January and I’m going to be re-doing that room. My husband and I both LOVE sports so it’s going to have a “sports” theme. Our die-hard teams are the Alabama Crimson Tide (southern girl me), and the New York Yankees (northern boy him). We’ve each converted the other to their respective team. I’m thinking of painting the walls a pale gray. (Gray elephant for U of A and away uniforms for NY Yankees) I would love to do an accent wall with the wood planks so I look forward to your tutorial on that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. What a transformation…I love the leather chairs!
    You and Mr. Twinkling Blue Eyes did a great job!
    : )

  14. The youth decoration is very beautiful, congratulations

  15. Awesome as usual! Very nicely done!

  16. Your son’s room turned out great! I love the wall color. Do you mind my asking where the leather chairs are from? Love them!

  17. Karianne,
    I love the wood wall!

  18. Wow!!! Wow!! Wow.

  19. Julie Maslanka :

    Love the paint colors


  21. What you do is amazing. Thanks for sharing. You give so much inspiration.

  22. Matching the dog is an exceptionally good idea. And now I am all excited about lawn mover dancing. I bribed my honey to help me clean up the garage sale stuff by telling him I’d mow the lawn today of tomorrow. We’ll see if there’s any dancing. I’m expecting a little more grunting and sweating than dancing. I’ve only mowed a lawn once before.
    Have a jolly day washing those smelly socks,
    The Other Marian
    Ps. Thanks off that best diver email you sent the other day. I think I’ve read it like 6-8 times and I totally feel the same way about you, dear lady.

  23. Just beautiful….magazine worthy!

  24. Looks terrific! And, just as I was thinking “that kid has a lot of encyclopedias” you clarified. Perfect. And I’d never thought to coordinate colors with pets but it’s pretty genius.

  25. Love this Thistle!!!! 🙂

  26. Fantastic job! Love the colors, plank wall, leather chair, but most of all the brilliant color for the rug! I totally understand the Golden hair issue. But they are the best. 🙂 You are so creative and did an absolutely wonderful job on this room!!!

  27. Your son is one lucky boy! Absolutely LOVE this room….You are a master designer and decorator Kari Anne!

  28. That is perfect for Mr. Basketball 🙂 Love the color scheme.

  29. Fabulous transformation, Karianne…I love everything about it! And that popcorn bag is a work of art to me, too!

  30. Little boys…no matter their age are so sweet. I’m a mom of two girls and now grandma to two boys & two girls. It’s so amazing how I never understood boys until my grandsons. They just amaze me with their sweetness even when they’re all sweaty after a basketball game! Great room and I can just imagine him smiling ear to ear…

  31. I love this darn room!!! I have no favorites. I’ll just take the whole thing. Great work.

  32. Wow! What a transformation. Love the planked wall!

  33. You and I could really be bbf’s . I love it all…..the spool table is divine!!

  34. I adore the room and the fact that your son has your sense of humor..

  35. Barbara Bussey :

    Darling! Best of all, I love how you chose the carpet color! Whenever you tire of those gorgeous leather chairs, I’ll gladly schedule a pick up, at your front door!
    Go girl!,

  36. Kari Anne, the room is awesome and I can totally see him in it!

  37. Oh my I get this especially stinky socks! And adore basket for balls! Always rolling and bouncing at our house! Love colors and Cam had this bed.. I think. Close for sure! He has moved to bigger bed and wrestling with it as his room is hard to arrange and especially now w less space. Love love colors! And star pillow pops like all that popcorn (oh
    My that kettle corn!:)) that has to be bagged at games. Keep sharing!!! Please.

  38. Cynthia Ann Jackson :

    Great job. There are so many ideas from your room that I would like to try. Your spool table would be the first thing!

  39. I love the look! You are “the bomb”

  40. That looks AMAZING!!!! You have really outdone yourself this time!

  41. Very handsome! That navy against the plank wall is smashing! And the leather club chairs with the newel post is the over the top finish. And that the basketball player approves is the best part.

  42. What a great room! The leather chair is perfect, as are all the colors chosen. You’re a girl after my own heart choosing a rug that matches the dogs fur!!! I’ve done the same many times.

  43. Love the room! One question – do they make CALICO-COLORED rugs? 😉

  44. Yep – that’s as much excitement you will get from a boy! Love it all, Karianne!

  45. What a great job…you rocked this! Lucky basketball player…very! 😉

  46. This is awesome, Kari! The colors are perfect and I love that you painted the floors. The wood wall…sigh. You are GOOD! The room is styled perfectly, it belongs in a magazine. Definitely. 🙂

    Jane x

  47. Lynnette Martin :

    My best friend in high school came from a family of 3 girls & a very cleanly mom. I’m the oldest (girl) with 2 younger brothers & a mom who would rather run with the kids than have a perfect house (thank you dear mom in heaven). When she visited our house, she commented that she had never seen so many socks, they obviously didn’t stay in the boys room. I was just a little embarrassed… When they were collected mom & I still refused to turn them right side out before we washed them!
    The room looks fantastic!

  48. Kelly Buchanan :

    So fantastic!!! I wish you could come stay for a weekend and inspire me in all my spaces. You put such love into creating a home for your family. Thanks for showing us this one!

  49. Very nice! Where does he store his clothes? Is there a chest of drawers in the closet? Just wondering where he keeps the socks 😉

  50. The room looks awesome, KariAnne. I especially like the color you chose for the bed. Another decorating success!

  51. Where is the hoop so he can toss his dirty socks at it to see if he makes the basket– you need a clothes basket under it then Ecco!! all the dirty clothes are in the clothes basket. 🙂

  52. Turns out, if you take your own zip lock of dog hair to the furniture store to pick out upholstery fabric, so you do not lose your mind because of dog hair, they look at you funny.

    But I still highly recommend it. Brilliant move on the “Golden” rug.

  53. Oh my gosh I love it ! I also know what you mean about the rug. I always try to make sure it will compliment the dog hair, lol. I joke all the time that I should only have camo décor and clothes !

  54. I LOVE everything about this! You worked your magic again!! Filing away lots of these ideas 😀

  55. Love everything about this room! The walls , the bed,it’s colour,the flour sack,the chairs, the spool table,the encyclopaedias etc… EVERYTHING !!! You truly have a gift Kari -Anne. Writing this in the middle of the night from England . Can’t sleep I’m still buzzing from my daughter’s fabulous wedding on Saturday. Hope you all had a happy Mothers Day on Sunday. Ours was earlier in the year.

  56. Great Makeover! I like that you kept the bed and painted it that nice Navy blue. The color simply pops!

  57. Thinking again about the encyclopaedias. We had a full set of Grolier ones . They were beautiful books. Navy blue with gold lettering. Cost a lot of money. But they weren’t being used & took a lot of room up in the book case. We took them to a charity shop but they said they wouldn’t be able to sell them & would have them pulped. We didn’t want that. Took them to a local school & to our delight they were so pleased & put them in their library.

  58. It’s a wonderful thing when your dream becomes a reality! Now his room is a place where your son can dream his own dreams! Good work!

  59. I LOVE the Newlpost idea! I have the Newlpost out of my grandparents first house and each spring, my husband pulls it out of the shed, looks at it and says “it’s rotted, can we throw it out yet?” And I say no, and the share again, the story of the salvage in the house with the floor missing and stairs gone and the sentimental value and how important it is… and he just shakes his head and puts it back. So finally, I have something to DO with it and get it out of the driveshed. Thank you!

  60. Oh wow, this is amazing. What a gorgeous space. You have made it so chic and so masculine too. Perfect.

  61. As always…perfection!! Love it and I am sure the young person who gets to call it his own will love it as well!!

  62. Ha. Socks must be part metal and the floor magnetic!!

    The room looks GREAT 🙂

  63. I LOVE what you did in this room. Very sharp!

    I’m curious about where you found that spool table?

  64. mary ballerin :

    Very nice! Love the old window frame for a chalk-dart board. I have been matching my clothing, furniture, flooring, bedding – even my car interior – to the color of fawn pug fur, for ten years. I only had to go out to my car to get some fur to bring into the furniture store for a match, easy. 😉 Pugs have double coats and shed a lot for their size, I know labs shed lots also. Fawn Pug Fur – do you hear me, Sherwin-Williams? I like that name for a new paint color. Hehe.

  65. One word: perfect! I can just see the socks on the floor 😉

  66. What an amazing transformation! I love all the vintage signs and especially love the sitting area. My son is begging for chairs in his room so that is great inspiration!