The Day the Bathroom Went from After to Before

The Day the Bathroom Went from After to Before


Remember when I talked about renovating my bathroom last year?

Remember when I told you about our bathroom renovation ideas and that we were moving walls and making changes and living high on the bathroom hog?

And then?

I never ever talked about it again.

I didn’t mention it or reference it or show you any more ideas.  It’s like the bathroom renovation that was never meant to be.

Until now.

Now this bright shiny clean bathroom with its sparkling sink and fluffy rug and claw foot bathtub and white bead board walls….

… it looks like this.

It looks like this.


Say whhhaaaaaaat?

Where did it go?

What happened to the rest of it?

Why is there a wall where the bathroom used to be?

Here’s the story glory.

We were about to start on the renovation.  We had everything lined up and ready to go.  We were heading toward the bathroom finish line.

And then one of the twins had her tonsils out.  And the other twin had emergency eye surgery to repair her torn retina.  And another surgery.  And then another.  It turns out she had a condition with her eyes resulting from being born extremely premature at 29 weeks.

You can’t work on a bathroom when you are working on your family.  You can’t concentrate on tile or bath tubs or vanities when you are Florence Nightingaling it.  Family comes first and they always will.

So we went through three months of surgeries and I didn’t tell you.

I didn’t say anything because I know everyone has so much on their plate right now.  I know there’s so much that everyone is dealing with.  Life is a little overwhelming for everyone, so I wanted to wait and mention it until eyes were healed.

And they are.

And now?

The bathroom is full speed ahead.

The wall went up between the bathroom and divided it in half.

Here’s the dry wall with a little mud.

And on the other side of this wall?

Another wall has been knocked down to make room for a big, amazing, incredible master bath.

I can’t show you that right now because it’s a giant hole and it’s all plasticed off.

It should be finished in a couple of weeks and I’ll show you every last little detail down to this inexpensive, amazing vanity I found ready-to-go off the rack.

Here’s one more look at the room.

From what it was to what it is now.

A little after to a little before.

My favorite kind of renovations. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful! I suffer through renovations, cannot stand the mess and the dust, but how brilliant once they are done. You must be so happy now every time you walk into the room.

  2. Oh I’m so happy her eyes are all healed. Hooray!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with this bath…but more importantly, I can’t wait to see what you do with a master bath! It’s going to be incredible I’m sure. 🙂


  3. Looks great! Where did you get the rug please? I’m looking for a fluffy white one too

  4. So glad the eyes are all better! Bless your hearts. Can’t wait to see the bathroom, of course! LOVE to you today.

  5. So happy the eyes are healed- yes, family first! (I have that rug and got mine at World Market:)
    Can’t wait to see the reveal!!

  6. This reno, like you will be amazing! So happy the family is always first and healthy.
    Now get back to that bathroom!!! 🙂

  7. The best words in the whole story today???
    “eyes are healed”…
    and full steam ahead for your twins and you!

  8. Wow!! You’ve done so much already even though you’ve been Nightengaling and taking care of families and doing videos and getting so many decorating ideas. Thank God you weren’t Nurse Ratcheting. 🙁 I’m so happy that everyone is getting back to normal. Love normal!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the bathroom and the master bath. I’m just plain nosey!! Have a wonderful day and if I don’t get the chance — Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family.

  9. Well, this is an exciting renovation! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done!
    So glad everyone is well now!

  10. So glad your daughters are both on the mend. Can’t wait to see the new bath complete! It will be great!!!

  11. Hello Ms. Thistle! It’s been a while:) So glad your daughter(s) are doing fabulous, and the eyes are terrific:) Anxious to see this renovation! It looked purdy darn fab before;) Have a great day, friend!

  12. The waiting is the hardest part whether it be home renovations or recovery from surgery/surgeries. On both fronts, hope all is concluding for you, the twins, and family.

    Looking forward to seeing the completed bathrooms. Keep the good stuff coming!

  13. I wondered what happened to the master bathroom plans but I agree 100% — family must come first. Always. So grateful and happy for you and your family that everything is OK now. And I can’t wait to see the reveal! Happy Valentines Eve, friend!!

  14. Absolutely beautiful Karrianne! So sorry your family has been through so much but very happy to hear everyone is doing well.

  15. YAY!! So happy all is well with her eyes and the bathroom is going to be amazing! Worth the wait for sure. Happy Monday!

  16. Teresa Gonzales :

    Phew- glad to hear her eyes are going to be ok. Nothing worse than having a sick child! Can’t wait to see what you did with the bathroom!

  17. Congrats to you and your girls on getting through the surgeries! It’s awesome to hear they are doing better. You are one strong Mama!
    I can’t wait to see your bathroom when it’s finished 🙂 That’ll be a fun post!

  18. Blessings on the two precious girls. So glad everything went well and you can breathe again!
    Looking forward to more reveals!
    What about your book? I think I need it!

  19. So glad all is well with your daughter! It’s so scary when they have something going on. I am anxiously awaiting your completed master bath! So exciting!! I’m finally about to put up curtains in mine after 2 years lol.

  20. Oh, my gosh! Poor baby. Bless her heart! Praying all is fixed now and stays that way. So anxious to see your new beautiful roomy bathroom! 😀

  21. Blessings to you and your family. “Normal” is a good thing to be! Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  22. Ooooo. A brand spanking new master bath!!! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! And so glad that sweet peeper is good as new. Scary stuff.

  23. Praise the Lord her eyes have been healed! I’ve been praying for her.

  24. So glad you are through all the surgeries and everyone is doing so well! Can’t wait to see that new bathroom.

  25. So happy to hear that all is well with your daughter’s eyes! And you are right…family always comes first. In today’s world…that is the only thing we can count on! Oh…liking the bath too! 😉

  26. So glad everyone is doing better! Retina surgery can be tricky. My husband had his done a year ago. The down side is the recovery. And that’s literal. All that laying on your face or side depending on the surgery. He was a trooper. Sounds like your daughter was too. Thank God that medicine has come so far in fixing this!! Praise God they’re well. Can’t wait to see the reveal. I know it will be spectacular. And you’re doing all this and the Hope room too?! Yikes! You are a Rock Star. 🌟

  27. Oh, wow, what a difficult few months you have had. Sometimes excitement is overrated. I know I need to be more thankful for the “boring” times because that typically means that everything is going well–the family is healthy, no money concerns, etc. I’m sure you would be thrilled with a little “boring” right now.

    Your renovations are always a joy to watch.

  28. KariAnne,

    The most exciting of this post ……the eyes!
    I know how relived all of you must be!
    Your designs are always spot on! 😊
    Smiles, alice

  29. I’m thankful your girls are all healed. Totally understand your thought process with waiting to tell your ‘followers’, however, know that we (I) would always be willing to shoot an arrow of prayer to the Lord for your fam when the going gets tough. We (I) like to see the real side of bloggers… it helps us to know you are ‘real’. 🙂

    With that said… I loved your bathroom before… I’m sad to see it go, but looking forward to the new and improved look! (Can’t imagine something even BETTER!)

  30. So glad to know everyone is healed. Whew!
    Love the vanity, the baths will be terrific, worth the wait and mess.

  31. Ah. The best laid plans of mice and men……and women with children, families, in-laws, outlaws, homes, laundry… know, life. Life happens. Glad everyone is through the other side of the scary surgery looking glass and doing well.

    It’s also nice to know that I’m not the only lunatic in the world when it comes to remodeling which in my case generally involves moving, eliminating or creating a wall somewhere. The words that strike fear into my poor husband’s heart? “Babe, I was just thinking……..” Lol!

  32. Absolutely love how it turned out. It’s bright and fresh and so so pretty. Good work!

  33. Karianne, so glad to hear the surgery was a success. I’m a little sad to see that gorgeous bathroom gone. I loved that bathroom. The new bathroom has a lot to live up too. Just saying.

  34. I’m so glad to hear eyes are healed! Nothing scarier than your child needing surgery and again. Bless you! I know it must have been stressful.

    Now as for the bath…it’s going to be fabulous! I can’t wait to see it all done. Yay for progress!

  35. I totally understand. We just finished the kitchen remodel and I couldn’t have dealt with any other issues at the same time. This is going to be amazing, can’t wait to see it all pulled together.

  36. Say whaaaaaaat is right! I know that telling all your business on here is not good,but so glad that everyone is healing nicely. God is good isn’t he? yep. all. the. time. I am looking forward to the bath reveal as well as getting this little one done as well. Have a great day!

  37. I’m so glad your daughter is well!

    Can’t wait to see the new bathrooms!! We have been working on a bathroom redo for a very long time.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  38. What color is on the ‘before’ walls? We are redoing our bathroom because of a leak. It has been a nightmare due to the insurance subs that were hired by them. We have taken control and are now our own contractor. I feel confident things are going to be better now.

  39. So glad your family is doing ok . Looking forward to seeing your finished bathroom. I was wondering about your daughter and how she was doing post surgery for a detached retina. In January 2008 I also had surgery for a detached retina. My first surgery was a scleral buckle and it was very painful. My second surgery was August of that same year and they did a vitrectomy. They did tell me that after the vitrectomy it would quickly progress to a cataract which it did. I am doing fine now and I am so happy your daughter is too. I thought about her so much after having been thru the surgery.

  40. So glad the eyes recovered! Harder when its your kids than when its you. And yes, we all have lots on our plates but remember, there is always time to pray for one more! Looking forward to the reveal.

  41. Happy to read your daughter is doing well. My brother had retina surgery two weeks ago
    had three tears…worries me still cant see. They told him it takes time for that gas bubble.

    EXcited to see the new bathroom.

  42. What a relief that the surgeries were successful, and your daughter is well. I thought your bathroom was beautiful before, but I can’t wait to see it after renovations. Hopefully you won’t find any hidden “surprises” of the negative kind. I hold my breath every time we start a project in this old farmhouse or the cabin. Best of luck!

  43. KariAnne – Happy to hear the good news!

  44. KariAnne,
    Happy to hear the good news that eyes are healed… Your new master bathroom must be wonderful to borrow your clawfoot tub from your old bathroom.


  45. Shut the front door!!! I love your sink!!!!

  46. Lynne -Australia :

    I can so relate to your story. We were about to start a new bathroom renovation and our grandson, 4, became very sick and spent a lot of time in hospital. He was finally diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease, but thankfully not in its worst form, so will lead a relatively normal life. He’s most disappointed about not being able to ride his little pony (because his liver is enlarged he can’t play contact sport or do anything where he may damage his liver)
    The bathroom renovations didn’t seem very important then, all we could do was sit in hospital holding his hand. Now he’s back to his cheeky self, the bathroom renovation is on! Now I can breathe properly again, I’m about to go and pick fittings.
    Really looking forward to your bathroom reveal! I thought your “before bathroom” was very pretty too.

  47. The suspense. Our houses are never done, just as pages of stories from every day life continue to accumulate.

    So happy to hear that surgeries and healing are all behind you and your family.

  48. What wonderful news about your daughter! Now you can happily tear out walls 😊.

  49. So happy to hear about your kiddos’ successful recoveries! And I can’t wait to see both bathrooms finished and looking wonderful 🙂

  50. Exciting!! Glad everyone is healing!

  51. Thankful for healing eyes and successful surgeries and happy Florence Nightingales who love their families! And so ready for the amazing reveal. I am so ready for two bathroom redos here so I can’t wait for your inspiration. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend! And wishes you will trade in your nursing hat and apron for a painter’s one.

  52. Oh, my … Bless you all, dear ones! So sorry you did not have us praying for you during the stressful times of your sweet twin’s follow-up eye surgeries. But God is indeed good, and all is well now ~ which is the most important thing. Sending prayers of thankfulness for this blessing of healing for both your “baby girls” …
    Your plan to create two baths sounds wonderful ~ I can’t wait to see how they turn out!
    Hugs & much love … kj

  53. It seems every where I look people are going through big trials like you just have done. How very frightening to have her eye need repair. How miraculous your girls are both doing better💜✝. God hears our prayers.
    You are always renovating!!! Very very impressive!!!! We await your reveal!!!

  54. KarieAnne, so good to learn that after the third surgery her eyes are finally healed. We have been praying and waiting to hear how she was doing. Tonight, we will be praying a prayer of thanksgiving that God chose to save her precious eyesight.

    Can’t wait to see the big bathroom reveal!

  55. Thrilled the mini-Thistles are well,
    and that your baths are making a
    recovery of their own! Can’t wait!

  56. Good work, from Italy!

  57. Glad she is healed! I’ve been wondering. Have a great day!

  58. Hi KariAnne, so happy to hear the twins are healing well. I can imagine how much you must have worried over them. A mother’s job is never over and it is true – family comes first! Still, amidst all this, you’ve managed to stay courageous and positive – truly remarkable! Of course, I truly can’t wait to see the work you’ve done on the bathroom. Will keep an eye for that post!

  59. That is perseverance. So happy everyone is on the mend. That’s quite a lot.

  60. I’d love to know the color of the paint in the before! It’s such a soft pale blue. Thanks!


    KariAnne, how we thank God for answered prayers! Such great news! Don’t ever hesitate to let us know when prayers need to be sent! It is truly a blessing to be able to keep you all in our prayers! We care about you all!

    You will be busy working on your Master Bath which, I know, will be absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it once you have finished everything!

    Have a blessed week!

  62. The best news, is your daughter’s eye surgeries are over and her eye is healed! As someone who went through that same surgery and recovery I know this is not a small thing. Since then I have met several others who have had this surgery and some had it numerous times, most of us have no reason why it happened. Thankful to God for his blessings on all of you through this time. Can’t wait to see the bathroom in due time when it fits your families schedule to get it completed!