A Shutter Wall

A Shutter Wall



 Make a shutter wall

Did you ever wonder what happened to those shutters?

I mean….really.  It was kind of like a cliffhanger.

I was all about those shutters.


I talked about the shutters and the watermelon and the car hood.  And then I went on and on about how I wanted you to be there and how I was so excited when I found them and we were all talking about shutter projects and what we would do with shutters if we ever found them.


And then…..nothing.

Not even a peep.

There was a lot of talk about cheesecake in a jar and burlap vases and monogrammed glasses.

None of which even remotely involve shutters.


And all the while the shutters were busy.

Those lonely, single shutters came together.

They started having children and grandchildren and hosting potlucks and setting up PTO meetings and supper clubs and tupperware parties and “meet and greets” for all the new shutters that kept arriving.


It became a shutter dynasty.


And the dynasty ended up here.

Hung on the guest bedroom wall….tucked away on the top floor.

Layer upon layer.  Trimmed and fitted and joined to live together in perfect harmony.

A shutter high-rise retirement community in the sky.


I’ve been on a five month long shutter hunt for those lonely abandoned shutters.

And each one on the wall tells a story.

One came from an abandoned warehouse.

Another came from a thrift store near the ocean.

Another one was propped up against an old bathtub between the vintage tupperware and a set of antlers.


I can still remember the look on the sales lady’s face at the bath tub/antler/tupperware thrift store as I stood there in line clutching my one lonely shutter.

She quirked her eyebrow at me with an expression said, “One shutter?  Really?  What in the world can a person do with one shutter?”

And she was right.

A shutter by itself is a little sad.

Something to be overlooked and underappreciated.




But when all the lonely shutters of the world come together and unite.

And learn how to throw a really great “meet and greet.”

Together they build something truly beautiful 🙂


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  1. I love shutters, would love to have them lol…maybe one day. Also love the blue decor.

    Greetings from hot Thailand

  2. Really fantastic!!! Both the story and the project results.

  3. Well shut the shutter door…that wall is fantastic….I saw that done somewhere??…I think???….maybe in a dream….as yours are VERY DREAMY…your guests will love being in that gorgeous room….Kari, you have done such a magnificent job….I so love them!!!!….Hmm..shutter project?…Oh, the antique shutters over my mantel was the latest…Have a wonderful weekend of fun with your family!!!

  4. VERY pretty. come decorate my house please. lol

  5. You did an amazing job! I love the visual interest and texture it gives your wall.

  6. Well now I just have plain old shutter envy. 🙂

  7. Well, that wall is just shutterlicious!! Love the whole room filled with all that blue and white.

  8. WOW! that is a beautiful room, with a beautiful unique wall. You did a great job.

  9. The wall looks darling and I’m impressed! And your writing keeps me coming back for more!

  10. Shutter up!

    It was worth the judgmental look in the thrift shop workers eyes – next time you swing by, show her this picture and she’ll never laugh at girls who buy one lonely shutter every again!


  11. Beautiful!! All of my” random shutters are now screaming…..”put us on the way, put us on the wall”!!

  12. Two thumbs way up!

  13. THIS IS AWESOME!! Totally pinning. 🙂

  14. It’s perfect! LOVE IT so much!

  15. It looks great. How do you clean it? ( You can not imagine how many times I have asked this indelicate
    question in Blogdom.)

  16. Well, I’ll be dinged danged. You have completely and utterly outdone yourself on this one, KariAnne. I am mega-impressed. Totally awesome. Really!!!

  17. I was gonna say what Shirley said, she stole my awesome line sort of, but I’m gonna say it too…..Well shut the guest room shutter! You are too cool for school Ms. Thistle, and this is so beautiful it’s getting pinned.


  18. THAT is AWESOME!!!! Wow! I never saw that one coming! What a beautiful room, too. Love the blue! Fantastic job.

  19. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this. one more for good measure… LOVE.

    Do you ever stop? You churn out projects like nothing I’ve ever seen. Do you sleep?

  20. That wall is truly amazing! Seriously! Genuis!!!! I’m pinning too because it’s just too cool not to share!


  21. Gorgeous, KariAnne! I love it ! Well worth the hunting.

  22. SHUT the front door! This is STUNNING! Absolutely wonderful!

  23. The whole room is gorgeous! The shutter wall is amazing! Blue and white just can’t be outdone!!

  24. Oh my – why did I ever question!!! – Can’t wait to see the wall in person – I bet what this wall has to say is pretty impressive – yes I believe that walls do talk.

  25. Talk about an all out shutter project! Amazing statement! You’re pretty amazing!

  26. Those crazy shutters, they’re like rabbits 🙂
    I really like this, especially that they vary in color a bit. It would be fun if there were little notes or images behind some of them so when you open them you discover a surprise. Wait, do they open?
    Another job so well done and, as usual, has given me a few ideas 🙂

  27. OMG! As a shutter groupie from way back, you definately win! And your writing is a joy to read!

  28. I love this idea, it means I can keep collecting them to my hearts content with the aim of a wall like this!

  29. I really like it! As I do the whole room, blue and white is so pretty. How did you hang the shutters?

  30. That is one dreamy guest bedroom. You would have trouble getting me to leave. Love it!

  31. Oh Karianne, its beautiful! Its so cozy, and comfy, and I simply can NOT come up with the words to describe them! All I know is I keep looking at the whole room…. the linens, the shutters, the pops of color in your flowers, the serenity of the shutters, the peaceful atmosphere, the shutters…. WOW! So when do you open your B&B?! Because that is what the whole room reminds me of…. a restful retreat at a simply elegant B&B. A haven….

    Honey, you did good!!! Can I ask you a question???? How do you do it? Day after day, week after week? Seriously girl, you come up with the most incredible ideas! All of your rooms are incredible!!!

    Take care now and have a wonderful weekend!!

  32. Just the most creative wall I have ever seen! I love this blue and white room!!! Inviting, fresh and a room any guest would have a hard time leaving! How do you do it, KarriAnne! Please stop by TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS (link goes live Wednesday at 8:00pm) and share this!!!! You are soooooo inspiring!

  33. Niiiceee!!!! No really! This is awesome, spectacular….
    Just when I thought you couldn’t one up yourself, you did!
    Cheers, Gee

  34. Wow…you are so amazing. i have seen this done before, but I just love all the different shades of white.

  35. I just have thing to say about that……….WOW!!!!

  36. Good Morning Karianne, I just love your stories and your projects too. I’m a bit tired this morning as I visit your guest room post. The wall of shutters is wonderful (tell me it’s easy to dust please) oh, never mind that. The room looks so inviting and peaceful I want to come over and snuggle into that cozy bed and take a nap. Have a wonderful day! Joyous Wishes, Linda

  37. You always have the most beautiful, amazing projects! I’m wondering how on earth you managed get shutters to fit together so well. Yeah, I’m not so good at the whole jigsaw puzzle thing.

  38. KariAnne I want to be your guest!!! Love it! That whole room is gorgeous!

  39. Beautiful! I hope you will do a tutorial on “how to” . Did you paint them or leave them as you found them? What did you do along corners if it did not fit exactly? Would love to know details!! LOVE IT!!

  40. Will you stop it already! You are killin me with your projects! I’m so super jealous! I want to do every one of your projects, but you gotta slow it down, there aren’t that many hours in the day! 🙂 xoxo

  41. This may be my favorite of all your projects. A while back, Southern Living (or some magazine) featured a shutter wall with shades of mostly pale green and blue, and I was inspired to start finding shutters, too. So far they are collecting dust in the garage. I think I like yours better in shades of white! You have possibly given me the impetus to get going.

  42. Seriously! I am going to have to stop reading your blog if you don’t start posting a few failed projects!!! Wow KariAnne, you are amazing… Wish I had your vision.


  43. I love this! I have seen this idea once before and I really think I need to incorporate this in a room somewhere – I have 2 bedrooms that need makeovers – might have to use this idea!

  44. Simply awesome!!! Just when I think you can’t outdo yourself….you do.

  45. This room is simply dreamy! I’m in love. Can you tell me where you bought your curtains/fabric? I’m completely in love with the blue and white colors…oh so calming and chic!

  46. You have got to be kidding me…. this is AMAZING. Yep, you have done it again!

  47. That wall is stunning! You must submit the photos of this room to a magazine! Women everywhere will be out looking for shutters to fill a wall!



  48. you are so shutterlicious!! This is absolutely fab. featuring on my wow’s tomorrow!

  49. I can’t believe how perfectly they all fit together! I just love this!

  50. That poor sales lady is working in the wrong store.

    A true thrift-store-worker would know that a zillion other shutters were just waiting for their missing piece…

  51. That is STUNNING! Wow. Great job!!! 🙂

  52. This is seriously one of the most awesome projects I’ve seen. So stunned I can’t come up with a clever, pithy shutter pun not already taken by someone else. LOVE it. Now I don’t need to go on a shutter hunt because I could never top this! 🙂

  53. Well thank you! I know what I will be hunting for the next several months. I am a bit of a shutter lover and have always wanted a blue and white room, I think you got me! LOVE THIS, ya hear me LOVE IT!!!

  54. Karianne, You have outdone yourself on this one. This room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would snuggle into that beautiful bed, under that shutter wall, with a good book, and not come out for days. : ) I absolutely love the shutters, the whole room really. My daughter was oohing and ahhhing over it too, and asked if I could find out the name/manufacturer of that fabulous fabric on your windows. If you don’t mind sharing that, we would sure appreciate it. If we are ever up your way, you can bet we will call for a tour/visit with your talented self. So enjoyed meeting you at Haven and finding your delightful blog. I don’t know how you do it all, but you do it all well! Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  55. KariAnne – how do you do it???? After so many of your projects, I think, “She can’t top this”, but then you come up with this heavenly blue and white guest room, with perfect details and the most amazing shutter wall that gives the room all kinds of interest and dimension, and I sit here shaking my head thinking, “She can’t top this”.

  56. I kinda Hate you because you are sooooo good, and everything you do is sooo perfect. ha ha.
    LOVE This look. So neat. You truley are so talented. I just love to see what you do next!

  57. Haha! Loved the story as much as the idea and design! Well done!

  58. I love that room… can I be a guest?
    Since you asked, I used one lonely shutter to make shelves and posted it at Gail’s blog. I hope I can link here without causing trouble: http://www.myrepurposedlife.net/2012/09/guest-post-shutter-shelf-from-follow.html

  59. Love this!!

  60. Shut the front door!!!! The shutter wall is amazing. We had a collection of huge old shutters in the basement of our income property. Check out what I did with some of them…..


  61. Your house is just so beautiful. I love this idea. I actually have some shutters hanging around here that I was thinking of getting rid of but now I’m inspired to thing of something creative to do with them :). Have a wonderful weekend!

  62. I am speechless …….. Stunning !!!!!!!!

  63. How did you put those babies up ???

  64. I just wanted to tell you that I have been reading your blog for a little while now and it is so fun! Your home is gorgeous and I enjoy your posts and humor! Thanks:)

  65. Well dear lady – I am at a loss for words. I thought your kitchen left me speechless enough, but this makes me shutter, i mean stutter. I can’t imagine the math work involved in making all of this come together right. It blows my mind to think about it. And how many eye lash battings did this involve to get your hubby to complete this project? (One day we are gonna discover “batting your lashes” was code talk for something else. *wink) I am so in love with all the different fabrics. And that cute little upholstered chair is just to die for. LOVE it. xxoo

  66. A shutter party! So beautiful. But you’d better watch out – what might those shutters be up to next? You get a bunch of shutters together and pow-ee, look what happens!

    I love the blue draperies. Such a great print. Perfect for a guest room. Or for someone like me who has some blue in every single room in her house.

  67. I love the shutter story wall!

  68. you are a genius on many different levels.
    I hope to totally “copy cat” you in the near future..well, however long it takes for me to collect 47 million shutters.

  69. WAM! Ok – I am now picking myself up off the floor. Your wall is awesome!!! Really awesome. Really. Wow – just wow. If all those fab magazines don’t snap you up for an article on this they are dunces. Patty/BC

  70. JUST AMAZING!!! Yes, I was yelling using all caps. Cos it was just so inspired. I’m thinking of something a little less grand or fabulous for a small brick wall on my deck.

  71. Wow, you always amaze me at what you come up with Karianne! This is just incredible… I’m SO off to pin!!! 🙂

  72. Too cute, you clever girl!

  73. The shutter wall is fabulous and I am absolutely in love with everything else in that room!!! I came across this shutter table today and thought of you!

  74. Somehow I am not surprised, Karianne! You are amazing, do you know that?!?! Your creativity never ends, that’s shy I voted for you over at the place you directed us to…can’t remember where it was, but I did vote for you!
    The shutter wall looks great and I love the colours and fabrics that you used in that room. I really need you to come to my house and help me now.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  75. That is such an interesting idea to put shutters all over one wall like that! I’ve never seen that done before, but think you may have started a trend now! That is such a pretty bedroom. Looks like it should be in a magazine.

  76. Amazing looking! It says “guest cozy cottage” all over it! I saw a wall like that in Anthropologie once and fell in love with it… I love that you made it come to life in your own home.

  77. That wall is absolutely breathtaking!! I love all of the shutters! Wow. Just wow.

  78. I have no idea how you can continually come up with these beautiful and unique ideas…really. Absolutely wonderful!

  79. I am working on one…but your shutter’s wall is absolutely fantastic!

  80. I LOVE, LOVE this wall… I’ve seen them before but I love the white! Beautiful job and quite an inspiration!

  81. Ahh that shutter wall . . . it makes my shabby heart sing.
    Beautifully done KariAnne.

  82. I can only imagine all of the stories that they’re sharing with each other, Karianne! lol! I LUV LUV LUV this wall!!!!!! It’s creative and incredible and just plain beautiful! The texture adds so much to that room!!!!! You….are…..a…..GENIUS, girl!!!! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  83. I was collecting shutters for this exact project before I learned what direction my house’s style would go in AND I realized I’d never want to dust them. 😛 Your wall looks lovely, though! Another home run for Karianne! 🙂

  84. You are freakin’ amazing!!! Everyday I come to your site and you always have something new. You must be none stop working on projects. I completely admire you. Beautiful Room and beautiful house. I just love you and your great personality.

  85. So. When are you going to be telling us about that magazine feature? I know they have got to be lining up at your door.

    Another stunning project. It’s gorgeous Karianne.

  86. I love every inch of that entire room! The wall is perfection. Beautifully done!

  87. Damn those shutters look awesome……………….

  88. That is so creative! I love that rescued all the poor, lonely shutters from all over the place and brought them together into one big happy rambunctious family all doing Twister on your wall!! That is just serious awesomeness. I want to stay in that room.

  89. What a fun way to add interest to a wall and a room. I love this!! And if your guests can’t sleep, they can count the shutters. 🙂
    Mary Alice

  90. I loved the room before, and now this wonderful wall! Oh my! So very pretty.

  91. Seriously, you’re amazing. I don’t even know what else to say… just amazing.


  92. Karianne,
    I want to get into your brain and see where you are coming up with these amazing ideas!!!! WOW love this! Your guest room looks amazing!!!

  93. Holy shutter. AMAZING.

  94. Are you KIDDING me?????? This is GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love it. AND, I am amazed because I have planned my guest room in the new house, that is “tucked away upstairs” to be done in…..wait for it……BLUE AND WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ADORE all your pillows and the drapes. Can you share some resources, PLEASE??? Love that wall. Like I said, genius. XO, pinky

  95. I would love to be a guest at your house. Your shutter wall is fantastic and your guest room is so inviting .

    I could just kick myself or i mean my husband. I could kick him for getting rid of a bunch of old wood shutters I found laying along side the road. Can you even imagine throwing something like that away. I saved them and because they didn’t find a home in our house quick enough they were in the trash again. That was over six years ago and I still wish I made something out of them. If the opportunity arises again at least I’ll know what to do with them.

  96. This is genius and gorgeous!

  97. Shutter Heaven….take me away! Tuck me in and let me stare at them all night long please. WOW … stunning!

  98. OH I love shutter walls and yours is beautiful, Karianne! I have always wanted to do one!

  99. HOLY SHUTTERBUG!!! They’re fabulous, as is your photography! 🙂

  100. *****swooning****. In love.

  101. That is one AMAZING shutter wall!

  102. Determination and perseverance paid off big time for your in this beautiful cottage guestroom! Job well done!!

  103. What a lovely use of old shutters! I love your guest bedroom, it is exactly how I would like mine to look.

  104. Outstanding shutter wall!

  105. OMGosh! That is GORGEOUS! Completely and totally amazing! Great job!

  106. Insanely gorgeous! Do you have a tutorial up on this? I love it!!!

    Shared all over the land for SNS 152. 🙂


  107. Oh thank you!!! I’ve been collecting shutters for years, and now I FINALLY know what I’m going to do with them!! Thank you so much for sharing your picture and your adventure!!

  108. Just saw this shared on facebook with no link to you. Glad I recognized it.

  109. You have done it again! Come up with something completely original and amazingly wonderful!! I can’t imagine the puzzle it was to put it all together.

  110. Love your beautiful guest room with the shuttered wall! It does not make me shutter at all. Hey that rhymes. Anyways, it truly is gorgeous and I LOVE it!

  111. You stood judged for one lone shutter.
    I’ve got three …of a somewhat kind…
    you’ve given me hope for my three derelict shutters. Thank you.

    ‘you shutterly ROCKED the LOUVERS off this project! ….

    via, I LOVE THAT JUNK…because I love all the same junk as Donna!
    ~ ~Pat

  112. WHAT??? This is so insanely creative and beautiful, I literally cannot take it!!! Amazing.

  113. Stunning! That. Is. All.

  114. I’ve tried to reset below so that I don’t get all the follow up comments, but they keep showing up in my email. What do I need to do?

  115. Sorry Fran, here’s another! That looks amazing and I would never have dreamt that up in a million years! Well done!

  116. Holy Cannoli! That’s amazing. I’m not kidding, there are not words. I had a similar (though less ambitious) project in mind using old windows. You know, the chippy, smudgy kind you find laying around, unloved and ignored? Yeah, well, I have a grand total of TWO and they’re leaning against a wall…. Nothing yet. But your project gives me hope. So, I’ll hold onto those two windows until I’m ready. My husband thanks you 😉

  117. Wow! What a beautiful wall! You’re so awesomely creative, Karianne! LOVE it!

  118. This is gorgeous!! Great job. Stopping by from Funky Junk Interiors linky party.

    Here is what I shared this week: http://craftybrooklynarmywife.blogspot.ca/2012/09/another-fur-baby-coat.html

  119. Kari, girl you are just amazing!! I love,love it, perfect in your beautiful guestroom. I’ve seen this done before in a magazine & their’s were all different colors, but this white on white is so serene and beautiful. Clever, you are!! Can’t wait to hang out with you and really spend some time.

  120. love the shutter wall but really love the drapes! Can you share where they came from? thanks!

  121. hi, love the room but can you please tell me where the curtains are from? thank you!

  122. YOU are flippin AMAZING!
    end of story

  123. You hit a home run again! I love your shutter wall! It’s so unique ans was worth every look when you were collecting shutters!

  124. The shutter wall is stunning, unique and clever! Your talent is endless!

  125. Eye Candy! They look wonderful!

  126. Amazing! This wall is just amazing!
    And I enjoy reading your posts a lot, and while I read I always remember what your mother told you about your text not matching with photos…haha. Your are so creative!
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina

  127. Oh my – I think I’m in love. I love love love what you did with your shutters. Guess what – I have a guest room and shutters I found on the side of the road . . . .

  128. Followed a link from Kim’s blog and WOW… am I glad I did. That is just genius! I love the different shades of white and the way it all fits together like a big puzzle. What a unique and beautiful wall treatment.

  129. Amazing! The patience you must have had to jigsaw those all together….kuddos to you.

  130. Hi there! Kim sent me over and I love your shutter dynasty! I’ve got a hoard of shutters that need some something. Better than the shutters though, are the beutiful drapes. LOVE that material!!!

    And if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll join the Blog Sisters! (www.theblogsisters.com)

  131. I squealed when I saw this wall on pinterest! I am inspired, planning a beachy/shabby room & this would make a great accent wall! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  132. Elaine in Laguna :

    Hi, First time visitor and commenter. Visiting from Southern Hospitality….So amazing. So beautiful. I love it!! I’m bookmarking and will be taking a blog tour of your site! Now I’ll be on the shutter hunt in Southern California! Congratulations on this creative and awesome project!

  133. What a lovely room! I am in love with the blue and white fabric you chose for the drapes. I am looking for something like that. Could you please tell me the manufacturer and pattern name. Thank you so much.

  134. Please share where you got those beautiful curtains, or the fabric you used to make them.

  135. I sent you an email regarding the fabric source for these beautiful curtains. I wanted to let you know you do not need to reply as I was able to find the source (pindler and pindler nebula sapphire). I really love your room and all of your home. Thank you! Jg

  136. THOSE CURTAINS. Where? When? How? Deets.

  137. love the shutter wall!! it’s goooorgeous!

  138. Wow…another gorgeous room…how do you find the time to do all of these amazing projects!? I could not love this more, so beautiful! (I also love the rise and shine quote in the circle frame…lovely!)

  139. Where did the fabric for the curtains come from?? Or did you buy them already made? They are amazing!!!!!

  140. Second that- I adore the curtain fabric and would love to find it- details? Thank you!

  141. I just saw this featured at Traci’s place & had to come by & tell you how much I LOVE it!! I don’t know how I missed this post, but I’m sure glad that I saw it!! Your shutter wall is absolutely FABULOUS!! What a great idea!!

  142. My husband’s family business is shutters, so I HAD to share this with him. I think I’ll start collecting old shutters from customers looking to upgrade!

  143. Very clever! What a beautiful guest room with those crisp whites and blues.

  144. You know what, I love your shutter wall.. Really!
    And the blue and white makes this room simply
    Great Job finding all those shutters, and they

  145. I love your shutters too! I especially love the blue drapes! Girl you did yourself proud! Thanks for sharing! Will be looking forward to more great inspiration from you! Later!!

  146. I have been in love , yes IN love with your shutter wall since the first time I saw it….I can’t remember if it was on Pinterest…or your blog…It had to be your blog, Since I am more of a Hometalk kinda girl than a Pinterest kinda girl..and really I never..Never read blogs..Until I found yours…REALLY…your blog caught my attention from the first time and now I get to read it every day right in my email..How cool is that…and yours is still the only one 🙂 …..Maybe one day I will broaden my horizon….Didn’t somebody famous say that?

  147. Love the idea of hanging all those shutter on the wall! I adore shutters. I have shutters in the garden, a shutter on my bedroom wall, and soon plantation shutters in my living room! I even have shutter doors on my entertainment center. I love the way each of yours has a special story of where you found them. Shutters will always hold a dear place in my heart and yours look amazing!

  148. What a beautiful home you have! and filled with such great ideas! A shutter wall…Shut up!! who thinks of those things 🙂 Love your sense of humor and this blog was a fun one to read.

  149. Love this room!…Can you tell me where I can find those blue and white drapes???

  150. Love this! I need to see more though…did they all really fit together neatly into the wall? No empty spots???

  151. where did you buy these curtains?? The look of this whole room is awesome. I have a similar color scheme, but need some pretty curtains to finish it off!

  152. love your creative idea, but no one mentioned how beautiful the window treatment is. the fabric is fab. can you tell me the name of the fab ie manufactuer.

  153. I think that looks so very cool. 🙂

  154. This room is lovely. Very nice work.
    Would you be able to tell where the blue and white drapes are from. Or where you purchased the fabric?
    Thanks and Regards,