A Really, Really, Really Big Favor

A Really, Really, Really Big Favor

golden retriever

This is Buddy.

He’s the one with the ball in his mouth.

Several years ago we rescued him from our local Humane Society.

We didn’t really pick him.  It’s more like he picked us.  We were told he rambunctious and was full of energy and life and mischievousness.

Oh good, we thought.

He’ll fit right in. 🙂

Our Golden Retriever

And forty-seven overturned trash cans and twenty-three torn shoes and twelve ripped pillows and bones hidden everywhere you can imagine and layers and layers and layers of dog hair later.

We truly understood the meaning of the word mischievous.

He plopped his golden brown paws right down into the middle of our sofa and our hearts.

And along the way we discovered he has an incredible talent.

Throwing the ball

He can find a ball anywhere.

Any where.

And he’ll bring it to.

Returning the Ball

And stare at you with those big brown eyes until you throw it.

Buddy mid-air

And he’ll run after it with fierce determination.

Stopping at nothing.

Jumping high in the air.

Buddy jumping

Until he catches it in his mouth.

And lands.

And looks around to find you.

Our Golden Retriever

And then he brings it back to you.

And drops it at your feet and cocks his head and stares at you until you throw it again.

And again.

And again.

Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Buddy catching

And this is the part where the favor comes in.

I’m in a contest to win $5000 for the Humane Society and all the Buddys and Bonzais of the world who might not have met their forever family yet.

I wish I could adopt them all.

I wish I could fill these acres and acres of green grass with dozens and dozens and dozens of ball-catchers.

But I can’t.

So I’m doing the next best thing and trying to raise money for those who are working tirelessly in centers all over the country to accomplish just that.

twins imagination room

So I’m asking for your vote for my imagination room over on the FrogTape website.

Simply click here to vote.

You can vote once a day until Thursday, June 9.

Our Family

I cannot thank you enough.


May your day be full of sunshine and dog hugs.

It’s what makes the world go round.

PS  And now I’m off to clean up spilled trash can number forty-eight. 🙂

PPS  You can see the entire before and after room makeover here.

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  1. Voted! Because your room really IS the best! Feel free to remind us to vote every day!

  2. Rescue pets are the best! Buddy has a wonderful home with your family. I voted and will do my best to vote each day. What a great cause 🙂

  3. We have two rescues, too. One of which is a Golden :). I will definitely vote for you. Not only do I love your floor, but I love your cause just as much.

  4. Remind us everyday, please.
    In the Phoenix area there have been over 500 dog surrendered to shelters over the last three days. w h a t ?
    I plan on dying rescuing a dog , or getting into a fight with an owner over 1. no water for said dog, 2. its an outside dog(never in Phoenix can you have such a dog). 3.no leash/lost dog.
    Really nothing else gets my blood boiling like idiotic pet owners.
    Shelters need so much help/support the no kill shelters first.

  5. Linda Freedland :

    Done, did it and will do it again. I hope you win!

  6. Please remind us every day!

    Also, your room is the best one of the bunch.

  7. Voted! Beautiful room and deserving of the win. What a wonderful cause. Best wishes for a win!

  8. Of course I will! We have one of those at our house too. We used to have a beautiful yard with beautiful flowers and now it’s just a little less beautiful bc she can dig a hole the size of her head. It used to be a big deal, now it’s just second nature to grab a rake or shovel and fill the hole in. Of course we wouldn’t trade her. She’s a little older now and settled down a bit but when she was a pup she actually ate a rose bush out of the ground. Yep, a rose with thorns. She’s a tough cookie. Good luck. Your craft room is gorgeous.

  9. Love this cause! Remind us everyday!

  10. You have my vote and my heart…always opt to adopt!

  11. Voted! And with a sincere heart! You truly inspired me with such a great job, as well as I do love rescue dogs as we now have one, due in large part to me falling in love with Bonsai!!!

  12. Good morning KariAnne,
    I just voted and didn’t even look at the other entries… I want YOU to win… ( I may go back and look at the other entries just for fun…but not for votes!) :o)

    Thanks for sharing about Buddy… what a wonderful home he got adopted into!

    Have a great day!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Voted! So glad you chose The Humane Society!

  14. Love your room and The Humane Society! You got my vote!

  15. Buddy is fantastic!!! I rescued a golden, Bailey, he went everywhere with me for 14.5 years. Dogs are very special gifts from Heaven. xoxox

  16. Done! will vote everyday! wonderful cause.

  17. Favor granted! And seriously, you have this, paws down. 😉

  18. Cindy Pierce :

    Voted! Because the imagination room is truly the best makeover!!!

  19. Margie cooper :

    I hope I voted. Just a click on the picture?

  20. Just voted! What a great gift $5000 would be! We have two rescues – Chance is 9 and Tucker almost 2. They light up my life!!! I’ll vote everyday – please remind!!!

  21. Fabulous room! You got my vote.

  22. It is DONE! Got a few friends to vote this morning too!

  23. Of course…you know I will vote! Just please remind me….I ran out of post it notes! 😉

  24. Voted. Please remind me everyday. It really is a great room. And I would love to help some fur babies.

  25. What a fun dog! You picked such a wonderful organization to support, Karianne! I love the room, and wholeheartedly will support you!

  26. Haha, it’s best to click on what you want to vote for instead of just submitting your personal info. D’oh!!! Not that I’m prejudiced or anything … but your space is fresh and light and very appealing. 🙂

    Speaking of rescue shelter pets … just got good news that my cat has an infection, NOT cancer like we feared he had. Whew!!!! Love that hairy beast!!

  27. Hi KariAnne, what a fun story about your 4-legged family member. Buddy is a cutie and so are your twins.

    I also love the view of your beautiful yard and grounds. Great, open space for everyone to run, play… and chase balls.

    Good luck on the room competition… you’ll get my vote everyday.

    Have a wonderful day.

  28. Voted, and shared for others to vote, too!!! best of luck!!
    Please send reminders for those daily votes, too….PLEASE!!!

  29. You get my vote every day, KariAnne! I LOVE your makeover and your charity!!!

  30. I have a house full of recued furries and have had all my life. Six cats, two dogs in the house and 3 or 4 cats we feed outside. I voted today and will until the contest is up. Love that you picked an animal charity!!!!!! And love that you picked your two recued pups. Plus, love the room.

  31. You got my vote. I will come back each day until the 9th and do it again!

  32. Done and what a great cause!

  33. Leslie Watkins :

    I voted for the most amazing room of all…yours! And yes…rescuing is a wonderful addiction! I am the guardian of a best friend and have been told it’s my job to remind her that, “no, she truly doesn’t need a third rescue dog!”! Love that Buddy. And what a perfect forever home he has found with you. One very lucky rambunctious match. 😉

  34. Looked at them all and YOURS was the BEST…. the others were too busy and too severe!
    Good Luck!!

  35. Voted! Love your room!

  36. Voted!♥ What a wonderful cause……☺♥

  37. Done! and on behalf of my precious mini-dachshund Peanut and all the animal lovers out there, we thank you. Your room truly is the best!

  38. Your room was original and fresh. Loved the flowers. Everyone else was just a different take on straight lines. Yours was the BEST!!!!

  39. Voted. did not even bother looking at the others. 🙂

  40. Awe, what a great cause! Feel free to remind us again!


    Just voted and will continue to vote each day — for you! Your cause is so worthy of winning! You have done a fabulous job with the Imagination Room! I’m sure that Buddy will spend lots of time upstairs with your gals! Gorgeous home, beautiful family and such a loving dog! And what a wonderful gal who designed all this! May you all be blessed as you enjoy your beautiful home!

  42. I truly hope you win, KariAnne! That would be just fabulous:D

  43. Done! And keeping the voting tab up on my browser so I will remember to vote every day, too! My guy loved to play ball, too, KariAnne…that was his thing…he liked it better than attention…better than food, even! When he was younger, he would even return the ball to me…as he got older he thought, “Hey, what kind of sucker hands over a golden treasure like this?” And so, in his senior years, once he got the ball, he didn’t let go. Miss that guy. I love the cause you have chosen to throw your support behind, of course, but I’m voting for the room because it IS the best! Keeping my fingers firmly crossed for you! I’ll bet both Buddy and Bonzai have their paws crossed for you, as well! Best of luck, KariAnne!

  44. Oh my, they’re all so incredible,
    but yours is the best!! Truly!! : )

  45. Voted because your room is the best and because of the good deed that you are doing. You are such an inspiration! Remind us everyday and I’ll make sure to vote again and again!

  46. You got my vote, always help the Humane society here they are a no kill shelter. But I must say I would have voted for your room regardless! It is full of whimsy that any young girl would love to work in. Awesome job! Lisa@ Sweet Tea N’ Salty Air

  47. I voted for you and by the way love your twins, love the dog and love love the room!

  48. Love your dog, love your girls, love your room. Check!

  49. So light, bright and brilliant!

  50. Voted! Your room really is the best!

  51. V…O…T….E…..D……………………FOR YOU. I have got a sticky note on my laptop to remind myself to vote every day.
    Fingers and toes crossed…………..for a good cause. How nice of you to do this.

  52. Charlotte Snodgrass :

    Done! Love the cause!

  53. Voted..we have gotten some amazing pets at the Humane Society! We will be adopting a dog there soon!

  54. Voted – and will again until June 9th. God luck (Buddy is so sweet!)
    Ady in Israel

  55. Voted! Yours is the BEST of them all! I’ll keep voting! What a wonderful cause!

  56. Consider it done ! Love the room. What a happy place to be. Very good cause also. I so love animals.

  57. Done and done! Just voted for you! Good luck and what a wonderful pup you have there!

  58. Anything for pups and Thistlewood! We are puppy raising a black lab, Whiskers, for Canine Companions For Independence and enjoy every moment knowing she will be placed with a child or adult in need. The Humane Society does such great things and glad you are helping raise funds. That’s wonderful. Good luck!

  59. Lanita Anderson :

    Love the pictures of Buddy……and the stories of his “antics”! Was happy to vote for your room, too!

    Happy Monday, Friend!

  60. Kathleen Hall :

    Done! Voted for your lovely room! Love the photos and story of your sweet dog!

  61. Michele Marrie :

    Love your makeover but love your heart towards rescue animals even more! Voted already today and will continue until the end! You got this! Blessings always! PS – Love that sweet Buddy of yours!

  62. Happy to vote! Love the room and Buddy!

  63. Voted and will every day! Good luck- you deserve the win and so do the dogs and cats:)

  64. There’s that coral I love! 🙂 I loved it and voted!

  65. All done! And Daisy (our rescued girl) says to tell Buddy hi!
    And thank you for bringing attention to rescuing pets. So many need loving homes. Daisy is our second Pit Bull mix…the shelters are sadly full of them.

  66. I voted! Anything that helps rescue pets is a wonderful thing. I have a houseful of them! And your room is the best! 🙂

  67. Hello!! I voted and I’ll vote every day until June 9th and beyond — if they’ll let me. Now, I know how much you love to read and how much you love romance so I’m going to share one of my very favorite authors — Linda Howard. I just finished her latest book – Troublemaker. Let me tell you there is a heart throbbing story between the the hero and heroine. But the best story is of the golden retriever – Tricks. She will win your heart! I couldn’t stop smiling. And of course at the end I gave a huge sigh. Linda kinda reminds me of you — her stories never fail to touch the heart. I’ll vote again tomorrow.

  68. I voted because the room is gorgeous and I have rescue animals too.

  69. I voted and will continue to do so. 🙂

  70. I just voted. I hope you win. Your room is beautiful.

  71. Voted- The Imagination Room is the winner! No doubt about it! I love that room and will love it even more when it wins the noble prize(as it should). My daughter’s dog, Harley, is a rescue too and she loves her dearly. Marked the calendar to vote every day to June 9th- it might be lucky because that’s my birthday. Thank-you for this beautiful post with all the great photos of the twins and Buddy.
    P.S. You do us a favor everyday with your lovely posts, so it is an honor to help.

  72. Done! Please remind us to vote daily! Thank you for supporting a very worthy cause!

  73. Linda Andersen :

    Done! Will vote every day too! I too have a rescue, and I wish I could adopt more…..Your room is the best of course as well…..xoxo, Linda

  74. Done! Awesome Cause – 4 rescues in this home – thank you for the support – your room is Beautiful !!!

  75. Marsha Kern :


  76. Hi Karianne, I voted! Love your room with the clean white and pops of orange. I have our pup on my blog today. He’s a scalliwag and quite the handful but we would not give him up now either (he’s 2). We got him as a baby from a lady who had him in a townhome, he would have gone nutz living in a townhome without our big yard to run around in ALL DAY LONG. He’s depressed today, it’s raining outside LOL. I know you will win the contest 🙂

  77. I voted and will continue to vote for your designed room. It reminds me of summer and its beauty.
    Your daughters are charming just like their mother. I’m sure they are so proud of you as you are of them.

  78. Voted!

  79. I’m in! Every animal should be as lucky as Buddy. I would need Noah’s ark for everything I wish that I could rescue. Hope you win – for all the Buddy’s and just cause your room rocks.

  80. I never was that crazy about dogs until we had to take in our son’s dog. He has brought us so much joy. His name is Buddy Lee. All animals should have a chance at being loved. I voted for you because your room is truly the best. Good luck and I will continue to vote daily.

  81. Done deal Karianne!!! Love your room and I am the consummate dog lover (all animals really) and will do anything to help out shelters and rescue organizations. They do such amazing work. Your puppy is beautiful and, no doubt, very special of course. We have a rescue Doxie who just had her 4th birthday and she has filled our hearts so full sometimes we can barely breathe. God Bless all of the precious animals. 😉

  82. Christopher :

    You always have my vote! Let’s do this for all the fur babies in our lives.

  83. I voted for the room that impressed me the most. And guess what? It was YOURS!!

  84. YOu’ve got this.

  85. voted! good luck!

  86. Absolutely! And what a good cause!

  87. Done!! I have five little rescues of my own and am always happy to help the greatest cause on earth, helping our furry friends. Also, your room really was the best!