A Moment Like That

A Moment Like That


If I had a dime for every baseball game I have sat through, I could buy a tropical island in the south pacific.

I’ve sat through baseball games in the rain.

And the cold.

And the sunshine.

I’ve seen runs and hits and slides into home plate and bunts and outs.

I’ve sat through games with a team in the depths of despair because they were down by 14 runs.

I’ve sat through games with a team with hit after hit, scoring runs like they were hot cakes.

And through it all, there’s one thing I’ve learned.

There’s always baseball tomorrow.

sunset fall outside of house

This week was the start of the varsity baseball season.

The beginning of another year of runs and outs and catches and hits.

My son plays outfield.  Left field to be exact.

The outfield in a baseball game is a tough position.

It can be the loneliest place or earth or the stuff that dreams are made of.

Back Porch Decor

The game started and after a couple of innings it was in full swing.


We were losing and we were down by two runs and there stood my son in left field, arms out, glove extended, watching the batter expectantly, waiting for the chance to make a catch.

Kind of like the marine of the outfield.

Semper Fi.

Back Porch Table Decorating

And then it happened.

The batter at home plate swung and hit a fly ball to the outfield.  It soared through the night sky silhouetted against the stars and the lights of the baseball field and kind of hanging in mid-air, suspended in time until suddenly it dropped.

Right over left-field.

It looked uncatchable.  It swerved and curved in the air and headed for the corner of the ball park where all the home runs take up residence.  Everyone in the stands hung their heads and sighed.  “It’s a hit,” I heard someone say.

My heart dropped.

I started preparing my “you really gave it your all and there will be other games and the ball wasn’t even catchable” speech for the ride home.

Back Porch Seating Area

And as the ball soared through the air, that left-fielder ran with everything he had.

He ran and ran and ran and ran.

He ran until his hat fell off.

He ran with his glove extended and his heart in every step.

And then just as the ball took a turn to the left in the sky, he dove through the air….

….and caught that fly ball.

Back Porch Decorated For Summer

The stands erupted.

The cheers went wild.

He ran in from the outfield with a smile on his face the size of that small island in the south pacific and his teammates surrounded him and that glove and that ball and together they ran into the dugout for the next inning.

And that catch?

It started a rally that won the game.

And that moment made every drop of rain, every game, every cup of hot chocolate in the cold and every bit of sunscreen in the sun worth it.  I would watch hundreds more games for a moment like that.

Because that baseball tomorrow?

It showed up with style. 🙂

my favorite baseball player

PS  Here’s a picture from when he was in middle school baseball.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t read this post. 🙂

PPS  I was reenacting the catch on the front porch in my robe and pajamas the next morning as he was leaving for school.

I started running with my pretend glove outstretched and leaning over to dive.

He grinned and his brown eyes twinkled.

Other hand, mom,” he said. 🙂

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  1. Nan, Odessa, DE :

    Good to hear news of your sons.
    Please get some up dated pictures!
    Come on, MOM.

  2. Michele Riggsbee :

    Sweet story as usual! Always a great way to start my day!

  3. I am with you, KariAnne. My son is 26 years old, and if I had a nickel for every game I’ve sat through, I, too, would be a rich woman. He was a left-handed left fielder, and I’d give anything I’ve got to see him make another one of his amazing, next-to-impossible catches! Thanks for the story and for bringing back some wonderful memories! Have a blessed day! 🙂

  4. Well, at least you didn’t fall off the porch! Those are golden moments aren’t they. Love to see glimpses of your life and beautiful home.

  5. We always feel like we are right there trying to help them catch, don’t we. I miss those days. Love everyone. My sons 39th today. Ugggggh . Going to buy some wood so he can build something, out to lunch and remember the days we would sit in a booth and laugh so hard milk would come out our noses.. Have a good one.

  6. I loved this story! As a mom of a former university baseball player, a center fielder, I can relate!

  7. I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. You are such an eloquent writer. This one made me tear up because I have a son that played high school ball…center field….and I SO KNOW THAT FEELING! 🙂

  8. Those are the moments you live for and the ones you will never forget. About 10 years from now you will be wishing for those games!

  9. Margie Cooper :

    I lovve and miss those days! Believe it a good baseball story comes in handy when your young and looking for a job and that’s all the life experience ya got. My son used a great story from his baseball days to help land his job as a persmedic/firefighter at 22. That baseball makes some good men.

  10. Chronicling your children’s trimuphs and challenges now will be the foundation for sweet renemberances in the future. From one baseball mom to another, thanks for sharing this story.

  11. Too funny! Heart fell when I did not have your post to read with my Diet Dr. Pepper.. I know but allergies acting up and need something strong! Then clapped when it popped up on my feed! I loved this post. I am that way during basketball season. No one unfortunately has to guess who is the mother of number 33. One game I cried the entire game! We were winning and he was on fire! But was so proud to see all his hard work paying off. Yes he truly think I am a lunatic. Loved the image of you on the front porch wit the replay. Now I am going to be humming Centerfield all day! Prayers for a safe and super season for your son.

  12. Catherine McD :

    I loved your story – so heartwarming! I miss those baseball days when my son was young -such an all-American sport at such a great time of year. Continue to enjoy every single game!!

  13. Love it… I too, sat through many baseball games, watching my son play the game. At age 5 he was introduced to the game by playing T-Ball. It was the game that set a foundation on building his character; teaching him lessons on team support, fair play and there is more to life winning. We still look back fondly on those days when we watch the World Series Of Little League playoffs.

  14. I love that you wrote this story today. I miss baseball with my kids so much. In fact I mention it every time we drive by the field to the point of becoming nauseous. Even makes e cry a little. Now the Grands are playing and I’m so looking forward to watching. Yes, in the heat, rain, cold and here in MI maybe even a little snow 🙂

  15. How precious! Love this story, especially his end comment “other hand, Mom”- priceless!!!

  16. Awesome story! Congrats to your son and his team!

  17. And as always…. Laughter… eyes that watered up…. and a great big smile!!! Awesome!!!! and that finale’…. “other hand Mom” …… Well….. lolololololololol

  18. Rebecca Turner :

    Cute! The story AND your son. I saw that someone was asking for an updated pic, but he probably wouldn’t like that, huh? Kids are funny when they get to a certain age. They embarrass easily. I have to watch what I post these days because my granddaghter reads FB. My grandson is still oblivious, but not for long.

  19. What an adorable story! Took me right out there with you. I remember those days. My son, who is now 25, is all grown up. Cherish the moments and the ants on the ball field because in a blink of an eye it’s all gone. Gorgeous porch and backyard too by the way…

  20. Sherry Fisher :

    Best baseball story ever, Mom ❤️

  21. A dreary rainy day and then you took me back to those days of baseball ups and downs….the pain and joy felt for your child.With 4 sons there were games, lots of games…afternoon, Saturday, evenings . Washing machine never stopped. I learned that game like Mickey Mantle . . I would return to those days in a minute. …even on those hard bleacher seats. So grasp every moment ….these days are over in a blink of an eye, but there are always new and different ones ..like drivers licenses, first dates,waiting for letters from Colleges. Jere

  22. Thank you for taking me back to the sweet times as a mom of a baseball player. So many games and such a full heart. I just love you and your blog, KariAnne. Please keep sharing your heart with us.

  23. Great story – been there – from tee-ball until our son was 14 – cold, hot, rain, ugh – until at 14 he announced he really didn’t like baseball but played because he thought his dad wanted him to since he was a ball player. He liked basketball and tennis – REALLY – all those hotdogs and rushing to the field and he never really liked it? Wonderful indoor basketball and tennis matches at lovely clubs – ahhh. So, just a word to the wise, be certain they play for them and not for you.

  24. Your post are such an inspiration and a joy to read. Thank you and keep them coming!!! Kathleen

  25. Sheran Steading :

    Precious! Baseball is life.

  26. Your story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

  27. I remember those baseball days. At the time my younger son was small, 7 or so, with no interest in playing baseball himself yet. I’d be dragging homework and snacks and jackets and folding chairs. He’d eat the snacks I brought as fast as he could so that he could start begging for things from the concession stands…he was “starving”!
    Then he wanted to play baseball too so there were Saturday is that we’d spend the entire day at the baseball field. Sometimes freezing sometimes sweating. Sometimes missing shows that I really wanted to watch.
    I loved to watch them play, it was just all the other stuff I didn’t really like. Now those days are long over and when we pass the baseball field ….I miss it.

  28. Beautiful! Congratulations to your son and his team. The love and pride you have for your son – all of your children- ALWAYS permeates through every blog post.

  29. You make me giggle. Great story telling and congrats on a great catch!

  30. I love this story, Karianne…and the photos are beautiful!

  31. Just love that story…brought back so many wonderful memories. My oldest son hit a grand slam when he was 9 and had his name in our local paper. We were all going crazy:) He will be 36 next week and just gave us our first grand baby.
    Every time I hear a Mom and her proud voice I think of that moment.
    Thanks for starting this Canadian girls day with a smile. Have a wonderful day

  32. Oh you just brought tears to my eyes!! I remember those days like they were yesterday my son played baseball, he will turn 27 in July. He is now married with his own little 5 acre piece of heaven just north of Indianapolis. Cherish these moments mama he will be graduating before you know it.

  33. This article brought back so many memories. My youngest son played baseball almost as soon as he could walk. My husband was a coach and he took our son to every game. I loved going to those games. My son was a pitcher. Oh the excitement, esp. when they were in play off or state games. Please enjoy your children now, which it seems like you do, they grow up so fast. My son is 39 with 2 sons of his own.

  34. I agree, enjoy every moment. We have three children. All played sports. We comment on how many hours were spent in bleachers not to mention that we have become experts at concession stand duty. Have a great baseball reason!

  35. Mary Sue Chatfield :

    OH, how quickly those kids of ours can bring us back down to earth! Great try though, even with the wrong hand! Here’s to more great games with your left fielder.

  36. You brought tears to my eyes because my oldest is a senior, and you will find out that it means an end to a lot of childhood things and daily life we take for granted. He played in what could have been his last club hockey game, 2 weeks ago, with his brother and his best friend. They combined for 2 goals and played so hard, they shut out the team that had beaten them that morning, and they won the NorCal championship. I would not have missed That for anything! And I’m really thankful they have more games, and even that the Varsity season (for the school team) means sitting in ice rinks until June. I don’t want to say goodbye to this. He will probably go to UW next year, which is a 13 hour drive.
    BTW, my other son is a Junior, so I have to say goodbye to my other child next year, when he goes away to college too. These years teen years really will fly by Karianne, and aren’t you glad that you have a job that allows you to savor them and be there? I sure am. Savor them. I hope they let you keep sharingthe milestones.

  37. This kind of post is the REAL reason I fell in love with blogging.

    I am cheering and crying and high fiving the air and whooping like the peeps in the stands,

    GOOD FOR HIM – wow – so awesome – one of his life’s best moments. SO glad you were there for that cutie! ♥

  38. ps

    the come over arrow (below) to take us to the forum link is broken btw

  39. Dont you love it when the impossible happens! Awesome catch for your son. Thanks for the story….brought some great memories….

  40. I love and connect with the last line….”other hand mom”. too funny.

  41. Wendy Johnson :

    Not a single sporty bone in one of my children or grandchildren’s bodies but I can still enjoy your precious story.

  42. Ooh-Rah! Way to go kiddo! Baseball is the greatest:)

  43. Sherry Fisher :

    Best baseball story ever ♥️

  44. It was almost like being there…the catch made me smile! Way to be there Mom – (and yes, I really was waiting to hear you say you fell off the porch! – glad you did not!)
    Thanks for the play by play – it made me day!

  45. I’ve enjoyed watching my children and grandchildren’s sports in snow, rain, sleet, wind and really, really hot weather and I know how much it means to them to see us there supporting them, so happy for you and your son that you were there to share in this special memory. Good for him for believing in himself and giving the extra effort to make an uncatchable ball catch-able. Loved this story, thanks for sharing with us and tell your son congratulations!

  46. Karianne, you are such a wonderful story-teller! I started to tear-up reading your story and am so happy your son caught that ball!!

  47. Not only a priceless memory for your son, but a defining moment that he can look back on throughout his life when he struggles with something or doubts himself. When someone says “remember a time when you succeeded at something that you weren’t sure of”. He will remember when he “reached for it”‘, “took a leap of faith”, “went the extra mile”, and how great that ball felt when it landed in his glove because he made the extra effort. And how it changed the game. So many of our lessons and inspirational messages come from sports. Then there is that true inspiration that comes from the soul when the heart shouts out “you can do this, reach for your goal and don’t let anything stop you!”

    Love your stories and I so want your wicker furniture. I would love to hang that beautiful photo of your porch setting with the birdhouse on my wall. It’s so serene. Your are indeed a lucky duck.

  48. My husband and I sigh and hesitate to stop when we see a baseball game in play. There is just something about the days when your kid was on the field and those memories always make you smile.

  49. What an exciting story so well told. Thank you Karianne.

  50. Leslie Watkins :

    My friend, the cheerleader, bench Mom and encourager—I may have been cheering with you, wilth Pom poms flapping as I read this!!

  51. The kind of story that gives readers like me the chills, in the most wonderful way. Congratulations to your son, and thank you for sharing the experience, Karianne. Cheers, Ardith

  52. You brought tears to my eyes and a smile at the same time! I love your life!
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  53. Perfect! I have a 11 year old grandson who lives, eats and breathes baseball. I can totally relate to your story. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Michelle Rudis :

    The triumphs and tragedies, the pep talks and celebrations…until our children become parents themselves, they just can’t know how much we are there with them living and reliving every moment, good or bad. You know I’m totally non-sports oriented but the way you described that catch and the reenactment on the porch in your pjs the next morning? Well, you’re just a word genius, my friend. I totally got it!

  55. You are by far the coolest mom, and I couldn’t resist literally LOL’ing at the end. Love a happy ending 🙂

  56. “…other hand Mom.” Perfect! Tears. Smile.

  57. Lol! Yep, that’s me. Right down to the bathrobe and my kid laughing….. ” Your OTHER left hand, mom!”

  58. Great story……i have sat thru many b-ball games as well, husband, son and grandsons. Love them all.
    Love your blog too and the picture of your house oh my gosh its beautiful!

  59. Oh I just loooooove you!! Cheers to you and your baseball boy! Such a sweet story! I too can buy an island somewhere with all the time and money we’ve invested in baseball! But yes these moments make it worth while!!

  60. Even though your pretend catch was with the wrong hand, you had the “right” story to brighten my day, thank you! Also love how you intersperse pictures of your home/surroundings in with your stories.

  61. Here’s to the best story-teller and
    the best baseball Mom ever!! : )

  62. I was you about twenty five years ago. I sat through baseball, football, and basketball games. When I thought it all over, my son started running in marathons. So I am happy to say I have stood on the sidelines and done even more cheering! Enjoy every minute. They pass so quickly, it seems like only yesterday that my son wore the same color uniform yours does. Good times, precious memories! AND.. I love those outdoor pictures. Looks like a great place to relax after all that screaming and celebrating after any game!

  63. Oh my goodness! I was on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, just willing him to catch that ball! Woohoo! Way to go!! Oh my, how exciting! 😀 Somehow you’re going to have to get an updated picture of him. He’s a cutie.

  64. This is about the best story you have shared! I have 5 sons who all played ball. So yes, I have many many memories of all the games I’ve been to. Those years were some of the best of our lives. Met so many good people and made some lifelong friends. Cherish each game! Cause you know some days you win, some days you lose, and some days it rains!

  65. Love this post, KariAnne. Your guy is someone we readers can feel proud to cheer on. And good for you to keep up with those games. I have two boys, one was captain his senior year of his baseball team. Parent pride!

    I always enjoy pics your pretty home~~~great way to share with a homey tale! 🙂


  66. What a great story! Congrats to your son, on a fantastic catch! You need a more current pic Mom! 😉

  67. What a sweet story, I almost cried reading it!


  68. Sweet story. Cute kid.

  69. Your story brought back so many memories as both my son and older daughter played baseball and softball forever. My son was catcher ~ kind of like outfielder, it can make or break the outcome of the game. My daughter was captain of her varsity team. I sure miss those days. Some of the coldest games I ever watched weren’t soccer in fall and winter, but baseball in early spring. Still love the boys of summer. You’re so right about those smiles.

  70. ashley @ the handmade home :

    Love this. especially the fact that you reinacted it, because I can totally see that. And them him saying, “Other hand mom” HAHAHA love.

  71. KariAnne – your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom! This is such a wonderful story! Your son must be so proud!

  72. You’re a good mom. Love your stories. Love your roses.

  73. Well, this is bringing in the season in style! Baseball, baseball hero, and luscious green lawn off a dreamy front porch. Goodbye, cold and gray. See you later!

  74. That brought a big smile and some tears to my eyes. I played center field for varsity softball for 3 years. I still remember that feeling 15 years later. 🙂

  75. Patty Levine :

    Beautiful story that brings tears to your eyes. The wonderful and torturous days that we sit through for our children!! I have girls so it has been softball, lacrosse and 12 years of competitive cheerleading. Hair, makeup, drama, tears of sorrow and joy…I wouldn’t trade a single minute. Now my older daughter graduates from Clemson in a few weeks! I hope that your son has an amazing varsity baseball season and enjoys high school! I look forward to hearing more.

  76. This story made my heart smile! Such a wonderful family!

  77. Adorable story