A Little Bit of Amazing

A Little Bit of Amazing



Do you ever feel like we are all waiting for life to get amazing?

Waiting for summer vacation.

Waiting for a new promotion or a new car or a bigger house or a kitchen renovation or the snow to fall.

Waiting and waiting……and waiting.

Maybe we’re all waiting because we think….that when the waiting is over….whenever what we are waiting for finally happens….

….that’s when our amazing life will begin.


But what we miss….what we overlook….is that sometimes we are so focused on the waiting….

….that we miss the amazing that was there all along.


The other day I sat in a stinky gym on hard wooden bleachers with the roar of the cheering crowd bouncing off the shiny gym floor….

….and watched a basketball game.

And as the game swirled around me….I looked over to the bench where my son sat patiently waiting for a chance to play.

Game after game he had sat and waited….hoping that his turn would come.

This day he sat expectantly….eyes alert….hands folded….with his left foot twitching as if it was already on the court leaping for the ball.

He watched silently as player after player went into the game….

…and back out again.

And still he sat.


The first quarter finished.

Then the second.

And the third quarter sped by as he sat on the bench.

My heart ached for him as he sat there still and silent with his head held high and watched his teammates play.

I wanted to run down to the sideline and tell the coach how amazing my son was.

How hard he had practiced.

How much he had worked.


I wanted to tell the coach that he had spent hours and hours practicing on the black top at our house back by the field….shooting basket after basket.

And running and leaping and jumping….and hoping….

….that one day his chance would come.


And then suddenly….out of the corner of my eye….

….I saw the coach walk over to the bench and motion to my son.

I sat motionless…..almost afraid to breathe…..as I watched him run onto the floor.

I was torn between standing up and screaming and cheering and yelling and stomping the bleachers like a banshee…..

….and trying to act cool calm and collected like this was something that happened every day.

The cheering won out.


I watched as he dribbled and passed and then passed again….and dribbled some more.

Up and down the court….back and forth….

…..again and again.

He dribbled once more and then slowly lifted his hands and tossed the ball in the air toward the basket.

For just a moment the ball hung suspended in the air….

….and then swooshed through the net.

The crowd went wild.

I yelled and jumped and waved my hands and cheered until I couldn’t cheer anymore.

And then something happened that I will never forget.

Something that I will tuck away into the recesses of my heart for eternity.

As the team parted….my son paused for a moment and scanned the crowd.

I waved frantically from the stands as his eyes met mine….

….and a smile of victory slowly lit up his entire face.

And right there in the middle of a middle school gym surrounded wooden bleachers filled with a cheering crowd….a basketball player grew two feet taller….

….and a little bit of life’s amazing happened. 🙂


May your Thanksgiving Day be full of all the amazing this life has in store.

Happy day to you and yours.

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  1. He missed out on the amazing … the wonderful bit you first talked about …. the bit where it was amazing that he was alive, that he was even on the bench, that he didn’t have a disability, that he could play basketball .. well, that he had a Mum and she was there. No need for angst or waiting. Amazing was there all along.

  2. You put the A in Amazing…the rest is history and a bright future…wiping the tears…hugs…

  3. You got me in tears…again, Kari Ann. The Light in you shines so bright. You brought me back to some wonderful memories of my own and a few regrets. Some times, some of us don’t know what we have until it’s gone and only then we realize what we missed. Just think if he looked for you and you hadn’t been there?
    I’m so thankful to have found your not so little blog, Kari Ann. God bless you and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Awww, this made me cry. What a great story. Congratulations to your son — and to you all… a GREAT Thanksgiving! xo ~Sally

  5. Amazing! Not just a little bit. 🙂

  6. Beautiful story.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Love your blog. As a mom of teenagers, this post really hit home. 🙂 I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. hope your Thanksgiving is as AMAZING as you (and your son)!

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Brought tears to my eyes. Children need to know their parents are watching and rooting for them to go, go, go!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  10. I bet your heart grew twice it’s size when he looked up and smiled at you!!!!! Wonderful story….happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Kari Anne!!

  11. I loved this story. I have been in exactly the same spot so many times and there is nothing like the smile that you received from your son. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. I’m so happy you have that amazing moment to tuck away in your heart. Thanks for the memory, as I too, have had some very amazing moments with my b-ball players…I just needed a reminder today! Beautiful post my dear…Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  13. What a proud moment for both of you. You are so amazing. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this story…Thank you for sharing (Love your decor, as well…) Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Tears, smiles, and that warm fuzzy feeling….you have such a gift Kari Anne!
    Love your blog because I always feel uplifted after I read it…. It may be because I am inspired to try a new craft or decorating idea or just a story like this that makes me feel like there is still so much goodness in the world…
    Many blessings and giving thanks for people like you!

  16. Thank you for bringing some perspective to my life on a morning I really needed it. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

  17. Tears in my eyes- how ridiculous, right? But…I’ve been there, I’ve seen the hard work and repeated the words that “it’ll pay off” over and over. As mom’s, it’s the “Amazing” in our kids that we so want the world to see, so when it actually happens for them, it truly melts your heart. Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  18. Ah, those sweet moments! Thanks for taking us along, Kari ~ Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!
    xo Heidi

  19. Miss Kari Anne you are an amazing writer and a woman with such an amazing heart who never ceases to bring tears to my eyes and touch my soul. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! We’ve so much to be thankful for.

  20. Life is so good. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I bet that turkey is in the refrigerator waiting to be amazing.

  21. Choked up as I read this while my hubby drives us down the very rainy highway to my parents. 4 hours in the car…waiting. Waiting to see if the rain stops. Waiting to get to my mom. Waiting to finally see my brothers fiancé’s engagement ring and give her a hug.

    But I think I will use these next 3 hrs and 45 minutes to chat with my boys and watch a movie and enjoy the quiet that will follow.

    Thanks! Happy Turkey Day!

  22. I was cheering right along with you, great story 🙂 And thanks for reminding us that waiting can sometimes mean that we’re missing out. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. I’m shedding a tear or two of joy for you both. Thanks for sharing.

  24. What a beautiful story, wiping tears from my eyes this morning!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  25. Absolutely love!!! Just love this post! In case you didn’t know, love this!

  26. How do you do that, KariAnne? You make me tear up almost every time I visit your blog! 🙂 What a great story!

  27. I have been you squirming in the bleachers holding my tongue and breathe in sheer agony! So glad to share the triumph on the court with you!

  28. Of course you did and of course he did. Sweet.

  29. What a trip down memory lane with my son who played baseball and my nephews who were the big basketball players! Beautifully said, have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving time:)

  30. Tear came to my eye as I read this one!! My son, now 20, grew up going through the minor hockey ranks in our small town. There were times when he sat patiently waiting as well….its hard for us mammas to watch . So glad your son had an amazing moment on the court and that you were the first person he looked for to share his happiness!

  31. Amazing IS all around us…I am thrilled for your son! May your family continue to amaze! Happy Thanksgiving! 😉

  32. Wow, I wasn’t ready for that this morning. Sitting here crying over my coffee. lol It brings back memories of my son’s first home run and I sat crying in the bleachers, so happy for him. Thank you for that.

  33. This story…oh my gosh…Hollywood could not have gotten it better. What a beautiful and special moment for you both, it gave me chills. So many times our kids put everything they’ve got into it…and sometimes we get to see them so justly rewarded.

    What a beautiful story…you have lifted me off the ground this morning!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,


  34. I am a Mom of three boys, so I could totally relate to this story. What a great moment for him and for you. Isn’t it the little things? Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for sharing such a sweet story!

  35. Oh, the sweetness of that story. My kids are wondering why their mama is blubbering like a fool 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend!

  36. So beautiful! I cried right here…in my office…where I am supposed to be working on grades. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this story!

  37. You, my friend, are amazing! Your post has touched my heart again! I know that you are savoring every amazing moment! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  38. Awwwwwwe……… xox

  39. Great post! Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  40. Dang it, KariAnne! As if I need any more reason for tears. Sheesh. Boy-oh-boy can I identify with this story though. Only not in sports. No, it was a second grade Christmas recital and my youngest stepson, who’d only moved in with us a few short months prior was up on the stage. His dad had told him he’d try to make it to this oh-so-important-to-a-7-year-old school play. But he didn’t.

    Only the new stepmother was there. :/

    And then, yes, the same thing . . . in a fleeting moment, his eyes scanned the crowd – most likely looking for Dad, I thought – but no, looking for . . . for me! His new stepmom. And he grinned and smiled and lit up the whole auditorium. At least in my mind. 😀

  41. Oh KariAnne. Oh the lump in my throat as I read your blog this morning. I too, have experienced this as a mom to boys. It just burst my heart wide open. I sat and read, with both boys tangled up in blankets on their respective sofas, only a few steps away from me. I recalled as I read, going thru the same evening so much like yours, and seeing that face turned up, trying to be cool, and breaking into gigantic grin as soon as he spotted his Mama….this time…it goes so fast. Thank you, for reminding us to hold on to those moments. Your family’s life depends in it! :-))

  42. You’re an amazing writer Kari Anne! Your story touched my heart so! I have cried as your story reminded me of my son and I and how as parents we want everything for them. We taught them to practice and be patient, it’s all worth waiting for and it makes us just beam inside as these things happen! It just took me back in time, this rainy dreary morning. My son will be 29 years old in December and I am so proud of the man he has become! Time really flies and your son will be grown before you know it and you too will be proud of the man he will become, I can just tell! We have so much to be thankful for, I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving! This was my 1st time on here and I will be back to hear more stories!

  43. Oh KariAnne, I have experienced these exact same emotions but could never put them into words as eloquently as you do! You brought tears to my eyes and touched my heart. I take so much away from you blog, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely family.

  44. Thank you for the amazing reminder to us all, Kari Anne. As always in the nicest way you remind us of all that is good with your amazing grace.

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

  45. damn woman you made me cry.
    love this.

  46. Those sweet mama moments are worth every pain, bits of angst, battles and scars that we carry as we birth our children and raise them to adults. That one looks is worth it all. Thank you for capturing it for us. As my 20 year old son and his fiance come home for Thanksgiving I won’t miss these moments of AMAZING.

  47. Yes Karianne…I agree the “AMAZING” is always right there if you can see it. What a beautiful story you have shared. You are such a wonderful writer because it all comes from your heart, you do see the amazing …and, like me, you are an “excessive cheerer”. (The description my girls have given me when I cheer them on.) I am cheering you on now to keep sharing all you have to offer with us!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, your budding NBA star & your whole family.

  48. Wonderful, KariAnne! This put a definite smile on my face – I’m in the middle of a long to-do list at work, and now I’m SMILING about it! Amazing is right! As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  49. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life’s amazing! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  50. The moments memories are made of..Have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

  51. tears in my eyes…great story – we all need a reminder sometimes that the best part is right now…not what is lying ahead – thanks for the reminder!!

  52. Heartfelt, eloquent, emotional! You have written a beautiful love letter not only to your son, but to all of us by making us aware of all those precious moments in life.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  53. Bravo to your son and to you for capturing it all in your beautifully written post!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  54. What a beautiful moment! Just perfect! I teared up reading this. Thanks for sharing that amazing moment!

  55. Good job, mom. You have kept the amazing part of your life right at the forefront of your thoughts where it belongs. May God continue to bless you with the ability to see what is truely important throughout this season of Thanksgiving. 🙂

  56. I fall more and more in love with you each time I read another post.
    You my friend are amazing.

  57. Aaw, what a great mom/son story! Thanks for reminding us to pay attention. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  58. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your amazing family! Hugs.

  59. You have such a gift of the written word, thanks for sharing amazing. I love your blog.

  60. Darn it, stop making me cry! So funny that you started your post this way–we have been going through a kitchen renovation and while it IS nice to see my cave-of-a-kitchen turn into something light and bright, it doesn’t bring the same joy as watching my children succeed at something they have worked hard at … or that we are all healthy and able to join with family tomorrow … thank you for a tear-jerking post.

  61. that was the sweetest story ever! sniff, sniff…..

  62. Sheryll & Critters. :

    How wonderful for you both. I have always considered being a parent the hugest ego trip in the entire world.

    After all, you made that great person!

  63. Gosh what a wonderful story.

  64. You are so blessed! What a wonderful son!

  65. Awww, that was lovely! No, I’m not crying. It’s allergies. Really.

  66. Oh my…tears…. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  67. What a beautiful and heartwarming moment between your son and you… Like others; I have tears of joy for this amazing story. Thank you for sharing this. What a terrific son! Bless his heart for giving you such an amazing memory to cherish.

  68. Wow! That was another amazing post, and once again you have me in tears. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story.
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

    And I just had to share something fun and amazing I did today. I baked some of these. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201931362279111&set=a.1017110361457.3127.1636066827&type=1&theater

  69. OK. I cam on to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. And now I am crying because of this story. And because YOU are so amazing and your family absolutely has to be. What a sweet post, ohmigosh.

    Give that sweet bb player a big hug – and I wish for you a truly blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.


  70. Wiping away the tears…..You brought back many wonderful and totally cherished memories.
    You have a gift Kari Anne. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  71. Been there…done that….and you just brought all those wonderful, bittersweet memories flooding back to me. You have an incredible gift…..thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  72. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the moment!

  73. Love this incredibly heartfelt story! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I’m looking forward to all of the amazing things you have yet to share.

  74. Um, me too, Patricia – allergies! Yeah, that’s it, allergies. After all, mere words on a computer couldn’t make me cry, could they??? LOL. Thanks for the beautiful story, Karianne. Just read it and it rounds out my Thanksgiving with true meaning about this holiday.

  75. Amazing memories…for me…and now you. Tears here too, along with everyone else who read this.

  76. Thank you for sharing such a special moment, for making me shed a tear and for sending me downstairs to the playroom to give my boys a hug right now! Love your stories. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Cheers! – Shelley

  77. pure. gold.

  78. What a sweet story and an excellent reminder to us all to LIVE NOW! <3

  79. What a wonderful thing to read. I smiled when I got to the part of your son. As a mom I so know how you felt.

  80. What a heartwarming story!! I was there with you like many others – it was a story of pride and love for the ages!!! Actually…..I’m sorry to tell you …….. I didn’t look at any of your pictures when reading it through for the first time, your words were the eye candy I saw today. Hoping your holiday was as inspiring as this post was – in whatever way you needed it to be!!

  81. Your words really touched me, and brought me to tears. I have a son who lived and breathed basketball. He was a star shooting guard as an adolescent and then much to his devastation, stopped growing. His older brother, is 6’4″, but he only grew to 5’9″. In high school, he made the varsity team, but got minimal playing time. We had one of “those moments” when we sat in the stands on senior night and with sinking disappointment watched him sitting on the bench into the 4th quarter, still having not gotten into his last home game. Then something amazing happened – the student section stands started to chant my son’s name (remember the movie Rudy?) for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, the coach put my son in the game and he steals the ball, dribbles down the court and takes his outside shot and scores a 3 pointer. The crowd went crazy! I was so proud at that moment, not so much for what he did on the court, but for the love and respect shown by his peers that night. They recognized the years of dedication and hard work, and truly felt for him. I will never forget it!

  82. What a lovely story you’ve shared… and it’s beautifully written. Shared it on FB and know it’ll touch many others, too. Thanks, Barbara Z

  83. I am pathetically sobbing right now…. Thank you for putting into words what it’s like to be a mom on any ordinary day. Our children grow more amazing every ordinary day. I am thankful for ordinary days!

  84. This was an identical story I experienced with my son about a year ago! This experience I will have embedded on the walls of my brain forever. Bravo for amazing moments like this, thanks for sharing!

  85. Amazing and heartfelt story! Those little moments that are really HUGE moments that are etched in our heart and soul for eternity. This touched me so much that tears welled up. Those little everyday moments are treasures.