8 Fun and Easy Spray Paint Projects

8 Fun and Easy Spray Paint Projects



Take your bow.

We  proved that spray paint is taking over the world.

We sprayed pumpkins and chairs and desks and bookcases and flowers and baskets and even a chandelier or two.

There were so many amazing entries that inspired us and impressed us and overwhelmed us and made us never want to pick up a brush again and to move all of our life savings into spray paint company stock.


Here were a few of our favorite entries.  Eight fun and easy spray paint projects.


Incredible Chandelier Make-over

View Along the Way

 Spray Painted Swiss Army Baskets

Refresh Interiors

Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin

The Lily Pad Cottage

Windows Transformed Into a Mirror

Pinapple Hill Interiors

And (drum roll please)

the four winners of a Krylon Prize Package and

our four spray paint celebrities as selected by Krylon are:

Magnetic Chalkboard Instagram Gallery

Simplicity In the South

Transformed Basket Table

Housepitality Designs

Spray Painted Pumpkin

The Vintage Nest

Leather Brown Spray Painted Bench

Grey Lane Home

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

You inspired us.

You made us smile.

And most importantly…..you made us realize that everything looks better……

……with a little spray paint 🙂

Note:  I have been compensated by Krylon for this post…..but my opinions about spray paint completely transforming the world are completely and utterly  my own.  For my complete disclosure policy click here.

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  1. PLEASE, no offense to the winners, but the first 4 projects shown as ‘favorites’ should be the winners, or did i read something incorrectly????

  2. WOW, it must have been hard picking the winners. These were all so wonderful and now I am thinking I may become the fastest spray painter in the state of Kentucky.


  3. Karianne, I love your disclosure. It cracks me up actually. I am sure Krylon would love to have paid you to proclaim that spray paint was taking ove r the world, and some marketing guy is sitting there going “Man! Why DIDN”T we think of paying her to say that?”

    I too have been afflicted with spray paint fever, but i didn’t enter simplyt becuase I never pay attention ti what brand I buy. I go for color, rather than brand. Although I have used my share of Krylon. Plus it’s barn sale season. I run one for a weekend in Nov and I am right at crunch time. Maybe next year, I’ll hit you and your creative buddies up for some product to sell.

  4. They are all great projects, but I think my favorite is the Swiss Army Knife basket!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. These are such great projects and I LOVE that it’s become the culture to make something over rather than throw it away and buy new. Oh the power of paint!

  6. I loved joining the spray paint project….and you are right…spray painting is taking over the world and also my grass in which I certainly “left my mark”…..so many wonderful projects….Thanks Kari!!….

  7. Wow! Love all the projects but that mirror really rocks!

  8. Those baskets are beyond adorable!

  9. Thanks for featuring my pumpkins! Love all the great projects, the mirror is AMAZING! Thanks for hosting such a fun party – I’m off to spray paint some leaves for my next project 🙂

  10. spray paint truly can transform the world … one can at a time. Some great inspiration here!!

  11. They are all so creative! I love the instagram one especially. Great job! Now I am off to check out all of the projects!

  12. Each feature is wonderful! I see so many great ideas! What a fun party idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Black & white spray paint are truly the two items that can transform anything. Great ideas and I love seeing other peoples work, too!

  14. Wow, these are all gorgeous transformations! Thanks for sharing.

  15. These are fantastic tranformations. I love the window/mirror and the chandelier. Tough to pick a winner.


  16. Thank you! I look forward to your blog each day, I am inspired, I look at things with a different eye envisioning what could be….
    I love bringing more warmth to my home, now I get excited going to Lowes with my husband…. I’m heading over to the paint aisle!
    Debbie from the Northwest

  17. How I wish my iron railing had been on here! 😉 Someday . . . I’m inspired, now! How nifty everything looks! I especially love the little basket table . . . I could do that!

  18. Had a great time partying with you my friend!



  19. I love d them all and actually went and bought a can of spray paint – hmmm…what to paint?

  20. Aw thanks for featuring my lil chandy, friend! There’s almost nothing a little spray paint can’t fix! (Spray Paint for President, 2012? Can we do this?)

  21. Great features! Love me some spray paint, …wonderful, wonderful stuff! And I love to see what others create with it!

    Were you the one who went on the “longest yard sale,” and one of the things on your “bucket list” was a vintage shoe form/stretcher? If so, let me know, I can help a blogging sista out! Ran across one in my junkin’ at a yard sale, and wanted to pass it along when I narrow down who was looking for one! 🙂 ~Rhonda

  22. Marnita Parry :

    Great Job!

    I love old farmhouses and am in love with yours but, a close runner up would be Kit’s over at DIYDiva. Go take a look. Have a great weekend.



  23. Love the chandelier and windows/mirror! Gorgeous!

  24. Wow, all of them are equally gorgeous, and that mirror is fabulous!

  25. I am glad I am not the one who had to pick the winner…………….

  26. Thanks so much for featuring my windows turned mirror project
    You made my day. I love all the projects! I want to try them all. There’s so much you can do with a
    can of spray paint.
    Have a great weekend.

  27. Very very nice! Congratulations on your 8 paint projects and the lucky winners. I can’t think of anything easier and more inexpensive than decorating with spray paint. It’s like magic!

  28. Spray paint is the new black – haven’t you heard?!
    Great projects – gotta get my trigger finger ready after all this inspiration.

  29. Oh these are all so nice. I have not seen any pumpkins painted like that. They turned out great. I agree I am glad that I wasn’t the one to pick the winner because I can see that it would have been a hard job!

  30. There were so many wonderful projects submitted, I don’t know how you picked your favourites! Wow, such talent with spray paint. Loved them all…so much inspiration! Thanks for a great party! Can’t wait for the next one to see what everyone does.
    Debbie 🙂