How to Paint Stripes

How to Paint Stripes


 painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

I always thought I knew how to paint stripes.

I always thought that my days as a stripe painting rock star were around the corner if I just applied myself.

I also thought I could be the hula hoop champion of fourth grade….and then I lost in the final round when we were supposed to double hula hoop and then one of the hoops oddly got caught on my charm bracelet and fell to the ground….

….along with my dreams of hula hoop stardom on the Electric Company.

A hula hooping championship was out of my reach…but painting stripes….how hard could it be?

But every time I went to paint….the wall would just stare at me and I would get all intimidated and I would have visions of wiggles and bumps and completely not straight stripes.Continue reading

How To Remodel A Kitchen On a Budget

How To Remodel A Kitchen On a Budget



In other states across this country people are “over the moon.”

Or “wicked excited.”

Or “walking on air.”

Or they are “tickled pink.”

Not in Kentucky.


Here in the bluegrass state we have “a come apart.”Continue reading

No Sew Valance

No Sew Valance


See those no sew valances in window of my kitchen?

The ones that fit perfectly inside the window and look like someone who is super professional with all kinds of tailoring skills created them?


Those valances.

I totally made them up.


I had to.

I was having a party the next day and I was cleaning and getting ready and trying to randomly use these stain pens on my floor so everything would look super shiny and wishing that there was a yard sale with more white plates for a $1.00 and I was standing in the middle of the kitchen cutting up cucumbers for the dip tray….when at that very moment…

….I decided I needed valances.Continue reading

The Shops At Thistlewood

The Shops At Thistlewood

The Shops at Thistlewood

Can I ask you a question?

How is the weather where you are?


I know that’s the kind of random question that people ask on elevators when everyone is quiet and awkwardly staring at each other and no one wants to make eye contact and no one can think of anything to say….so someone finally searches for conversation…..and asks about the weather….

….but I really want to know.

Is it me or has the weather stopped making sense?

It’s raining when it should be sunny and then super hot for days and then all of a sudden it’s unseasonably cool.


Is it random where you are, too?


Good thing random weather is perfect for shopping.

Good thing I have amazing sponsors with some fun discounts today.

Happy random weather shopping to you!Continue reading

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas

Four Seasonal Tablescape Ideas



Tablescape Ideas

Summer Tablescape

Do you ever wonder if the table always looks like this?

If the silver is always shined and the glassware always sits immaculately next to the square silver chargers layered with white ware and sparkling silver chandelier plates.



Not even close.Continue reading

Table Top Ideas

Table Top Ideas


It rained a little last week.

Just enough for my husband to turn on the windshield wipers as we drove down a winding country road.

And when the sun came out….and the rain stopped….the windshield wipers stayed on.

And on.

And on.


And I as I sang “Rhinestone Cowboy” to myself to the swish and creek of those wipers….I thought of a post I wrote a year ago about fun table top ideas and cork-topped desks and windshield wipers that went on forever.

Just in case you were wondering…..

…..not a lot has changed. 🙂Continue reading

The Gatehouse:  Curb Appeal Ideas

The Gatehouse: Curb Appeal Ideas


If you had a gatehouse and you had been working on it for the past month….and the last awning was hung and the new door was in place….

….is it embarrassing if you stood out in front of it and waved?

For at least twenty minutes.

What if people driving by honked….and you started clapping?

Or danced the lawnmower?

Would that be considered over the top?

Too much?

I’m just checking.

Not that anyone around here would do that.Continue reading

When Phones Had Cords

When Phones Had Cords


Art House

Remember when phones had cords?


When phones had cords and no one had heard of call waiting and televisions had three channels and text was something you read in a book and people talked face-to-face and cell phones were for billionaires who carried them around in giant cell phone suitcases.

And sometimes your television even had rabbit ears that your dad would put a piece of foil on to get better reception.


I’m raising four little people at the house who have only read about those pre-technology days in books or heard about it occasionally whenever I decide to climb up on my soapbox to remind them how lucky they are.

And I thought technology had triumphed.

Until the other day.Continue reading