The Chapel Market

The Chapel Market


I’m not sure if Pike Road, Alabama is ready.  🙂

Good thing it has until October.

October 19 to be exact.

That is when I’m loading up my overflowing trailer with all things vintage from the beautiful rolling hills of Kentucky.

My trailer and I couldn’t resist when my amazing friend, Layla, from The Lettered Cottage called…..and 342 exclamation points later….and a few dances around the kitchen……we are heading to Pike Road, Alabama this October.

Please tell me you like exclamation points!

Please tell me you like all things vintage.

Please tell me you live nearby…..preferably withing driving distance.

Because I’m not the only one.  🙂


Are you ready?

There’s Marian from Miss Mustard Seed

and Shauna from Perfectly Imperfect

and Mary from Urban Farmgirl

and Evan from Evan and Company

and Lucy from Lucy’s Inspired

and New York Times best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews.


And the best part……

I’m not just shopping the rolling countryside of Kentucky…..

…..I’m shopping my attic. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend…..

….and I can’t wait to meet you Alabama!

PS  For all the details on the sale….be sure and check out Layla’s post today!

How to Decorate One Room Three Ways

How to Decorate One Room Three Ways


I adore you.

Yes….you….the one with the coffee or the tea or the diet coke.

I’m talking to you.


I could not let this week close without telling you that.

You cheered and encouraged and made me smile and laugh and hold my head up high and sprint toward the finish line.

It’s like this week….this week of decorating this room and transforming it three different ways…..

….we were all in this together. 🙂

So….let’s take a look back at what we did.Continue reading

Day Three/ One Room Decorated Three Ways

Day Three/ One Room Decorated Three Ways

Family_Room When I was born……my mother named me karianne.

Unusual?  Hard to pronounce?  Sounds like a song?

I know.

You already know about the kari part.

But what you didn’t know is….

…..that I come from a long line of Anne’s.

It’s a tradition handed down through the generations in my family that the oldest daughter of the oldest daughter is always named….


Or some combination thereof.

My grandmother’s grandmother and my great-grandmother and my grandmother and my mother and myself and now….my oldest daughter…..

….all Anne’s.

Every. Single. One.

So this….the last and final room transformation….is for all the Anne’s that ever were….

….and all the Anne’s that ever will be.

I love you each and every one. 🙂Continue reading

Family Room Decorating Ideas

Family Room Decorating Ideas


Day Two of family room decorating ideas is finally here.


I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat…..tapping your fingers and nodding your head.

Me, too.

When I’m redoing these rooms…..I’m never really sure where I’m going…..

…..until I get there.

I think this room transformation is my favorite so far.

And just for the record…..

….her name is Diathana.

family-room-decorating-ideas (2)

When I was little and read all kinds of books about fairy tales and beautiful people who lived in towers and with really long hair…..who wore velvet dresses and always got rescued by princes….

….I decided that I wanted my name changed to Diathana.


I thought it was the most beautiful name in all the world.

My mother didn’t really agree and no amount of wand-waving was successful.

So the whole Diathana thing had a very short shelf life.

But today….

… here’s my Dianthana.

Romantic and a little blonde with time-worn classic beauty and a handsome prince who helped make it all possible.

And a whole bookshelf of happy endings.  🙂Continue reading

One Room Three Ways:  Family Room Decorating Ideas

One Room Three Ways: Family Room Decorating Ideas



I wish I had a drum roll.

I tried to type drum roll….but it came out something like this…..brrrrrrrrrruuuuuummmmmm.



Even weaker.

Can you just tap your pencil really fast for me?

Because……here is…..get ready for it…..the first stop in the one room three ways world tour.Continue reading

Burlap Projects (.com)

Burlap Projects (.com)


Years ago….when my husband held my hand and stared lovingly into my eyes in front of 400 of our closest friends and relatives….

….and promised to have and to hold from this day forward….

For richer or for poorer.

In sickness and in health.

For all the rest of our days.


When he stood at that altar….looking so adorable with his twinkling brown eyes and that infectious grin…..I wonder if he knew.Continue reading

Refinishing a Table

Refinishing a Table


I talk to my house.

All the time.

It’s a running conversation.

Sometimes we talk about refinishing a table or new burlap curtains or how the butler’s pantry was acting up last week.

I’m always telling it how cute it is and how skinny it looks in its lace jeans and that I’m so glad it got its roots done and what a perfect shade of lipstick the library is wearing.

And that I’m so happy it loves yard sales as much as I do.

Because there’s nothing like a really good yard sale find.


Well…..except maybe the side of the road.Continue reading

It’s a Sticky Situation

It’s a Sticky Situation

farmhouse-bedroom This was supposed to be an amazing post.


I’d already written it in my head on the way to Wal-Mart.

I was going to tell you all about my new duvet cover that I bought from IKEA for only $19.99 and how much I love crisp white cotton and then you were going to tell me that you loved crisp white cotton duvet covers too…..and then we’d drink our coffee together and discuss how amazing it is when the cotton is new and fresh and white and kind of pops in the air when you make the bed for the first time.


Did I mention that it was only $19.99?Continue reading