The House Where Nobody Lives

The House Where Nobody Lives


This is the farm house we purchased four years, nine months and twenty-five days ago.

We arrived with a moving truck full of furniture…..two boys, two girls and a dog.

It was a little overwhelming.

You see….we jumped from a big city with highways and skyscrapers and stop lights and restaurants and theaters…..

….and drive-through diet cokes.Continue reading

4 Stamped Silver Projects

4 Stamped Silver Projects

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Looking for a fun gift idea?  These 4 stamped silver projects are easy to make.

You can create them in an afternoon and all you need are three simple supplies to get started:

stamped silver set

silver stamping block

silver plate silverware

Ready to get started?

Simply click the button below to scroll through the pictures to see all the projects.

$600 Gift Card Giveaway

$600 Gift Card Giveaway


I am so happy you are here today.


Not just a little happy…..

                                                                         ……I’m the kind of happy that happens when you’ve been trying for months to collect milk glass and all the milk glass you can find is priced like it’s going to be auctioned at Southeby’s and then…..then you happen upon a yard sale where the lady is trying to get rid of all her milk glass because she is so over it… she prices her collection at the entire yard sale for only .50 each.

Milk glass for .50.

That’s the best kind of happy.Continue reading

Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed Wood Art



Dear Jane Austen,

You had me at hello.


How did you know how much I adore novels written about England in the 1800’s with dukes and earls and estates and governesses and tapestries and English garden parties and afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches?Continue reading

Love and Blueberry Pancakes

Love and Blueberry Pancakes



This post has sat for almost a year….tucked away in the pages of this blog.


Almost forgotten.

Then the other day I was working on a project and I found it again.

And even though I know the story by heart.

Even though this story was not my finest hour.

Even though I have told this story at least 5,000 times to anyone who would listen…..

…..when I found it…..I read it to myself one more time.

And laughed until tears were streaming down my cheeks.Continue reading

Stenciled Concrete Pavers

Stenciled Concrete Pavers


Until about a month ago we were a non-jumping household.

To get from place to place….we walked everywhere.

Well…..most of the time we walked.

Sometimes we walked really fast.

Sometimes we ran.

Sometimes we skipped.

And….truthfully…..there was even the occasional slight hop.Continue reading

Five Easy Burlap Projects

Five Easy Burlap Projects

Burlap Projects

Happy Saturday.

Welcome to the weekend.

Here’s a little light reading for you.

Five easy burlap projects you could do on a Saturday.

Any Saturday…….just like today.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend and I’ll see you on Monday. 🙂

Burlap Vase Project1

 Burlap VaseContinue reading

Chalkboard Word Find

Chalkboard Word Find



Can I ask you a question?

Don’t you love unsolicited opinions?

As in…..not solicited.

Not asked for.

Not even requested in the slightest.

From your mother.Continue reading