My Favorite Projects of the Month

My Favorite Projects of the Month

My Projects

March is slowly waving goodbye…..until next year.

Au revoir.


It’s been fun.

And full of joy and laughter.

So sweet month of March…..until we meet again….here’s what I adored about you in 2013.

Catch you on the flip side. 🙂Continue reading

Moss Table Runner

Moss Table Runner


The other day one of the twins had her tooth pulled.

It was traumatic.

And I’m not talking about her.

I thought that they were going to have to give me anesthesia.

I crossed and uncrossed my arms about 500 times and fidgeted in my seat and clenched my teeth and involuntarily flinched at every move the doctor made.  All the while…..trying to appear calm and reassuring and completely in control whenever she happened to catch my eye.Continue reading

Living Herb Wreath

Living Herb Wreath


How do you say herb?

Is it herb?

Or “erb”?

I think Martha says herb.

I heard her once when she was grinding her own spices.

And while we are on the topic….when you say niche……do you say nich or neesh?

When you say cache….do you say cashay or cash?

When you say nuclear….do you say nu-cu-lar or nu-clee-ur?


Or do you just say nothing….Continue reading

Pastry Wrapped Asparagus

Pastry Wrapped Asparagus


True confessions.

I have never cooked asparagus in my life.

I’ve decorated with it.

I’ve covered vases with asparagus spears and made asparagus arrangements and tucked nests inside asparagus and filled mantels of milk glass containers with asparagus in the spring.

It’s my go-to vegetable.Continue reading

Built-in Plate Rack

Built-in Plate Rack



Can I ask you a question?

When do you start feeling like a grown-up?


I’m still waiting.

I have a house and a family and four children and 2 dogs and 3 cats and a family of rabbits and a tortoise and a salamander.

And I still want to watch the Brady Bunch and eat peanut butter on celery sticks and take a nap.Continue reading

Faux Chair Slipcover

Faux Chair Slipcover


Is it a chair?

Is it a slipcover?

Is it a chair covered by a slipcover that had big dreams of one day becoming more than just a piece of fabric and transformed itself into a chair?


I feel like there is a life lesson in here somewhere about reaching for the stars and being the best you that you could possibly ever be.

Even if you start out life as a textile. 🙂Continue reading

I’ll Go First

I’ll Go First


Have you ever put your foot in your mouth?

It happens to me.


All the time.Continue reading

Spring Fling Linky Party

Spring Fling Linky Party

spring thing round up

I totally wanted to do a linky party with pictures of everyone’s Christmas decorations that are still up.

We could show our wreaths and our garlands and our red bows and our random ornaments hung from chandeliers.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

But then I realized that I would be the only one there.

Because you are amazing.

And so much more organized than me.

And you took down your wreaths in December…..and moved onto decorating for Spring…..because it’s umm…March.

So let’s have a Spring Fling linky party instead!Continue reading