Class Is In Session

Class Is In Session


Pink Vinyl Monogram

The other day….at the end of the hallway in the bright pink room with the brown twin beds and the flowers scattered on the carpet…..

… was in session.

Two tiny teachers with blonde ponytails and big blue eyes were holding class.  Each instructor had a whiteboard and was busily scribbling and circling and drawing arrows with verbs and adjectives and adverbs…..intent on passing on all the knowledge one could ever learn in elementary school to the next generation of stuffed animals.

All the students were present and accounted for.

The whole class was there….the two frogs and the bear with the bonnet and the furry one-eyed cat and the monkey and the zebra and the dolls……

……even Santa Claus.Continue reading

What About That Space Over the Window?

What About That Space Over the Window?


I don’t know how the rumor got started.

You’ve heard it……the one about old farmhouses and molding.

Someone….somewhere started telling the town crier that old farmhouses are full of moldings and decorative details and beautiful old trim.


Umm.  Negative.


Now maybe there is a farmhouse built somewhere in a land far far away by an overly exuberant farmer with a fine decorative eye who was light years ahead of his other farmer friends.

But he sure didn’t live here.Continue reading

A Pair Of Silver Hoops

A Pair Of Silver Hoops


I love red lipstick.

And really big beautiful sparkling glittering irresistible earrings.

The kind that give you confidence.

Maybe that’s why I love window treatments……they are like jewelry for the house.

These drop cloth curtains are classic and affordable and simple……

……just like the perfect pair of silver hoops.


Silver hoops……you know….those earrings that can go anywhere.

I’ve worn them to a baseball game where I missed this absolute moment of brilliance.

I’ve worn them across Kentucky on the 100-mile-yard sale trek and out on date  day with the cutest carpenter on the planet.


Those silver hoops.

Like a simple, classic curtain.


Today I’m posting about window decor over at the Lamps Plus blog.

And I was going for the silver hoop approach…..

…..but somehow a bunch of big, unusual, unique window treatments showed up instead.

Go figure. 🙂

PS  Here are four unique window treatment ideas.  You can thank the confidence earrings. 🙂








What Happened On the Way To the Books-A-Million Magazine Department

What Happened On the Way To the Books-A-Million Magazine Department

Flea Market Decor Thistlewood Farms


Dear random wonderful, creative, incredible new friends from the Books-A-Million magazine department,

I adore you.


And I just wanted to say thank you.

You are amazing.Continue reading

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Strawberry Cheesecake Bites


When I was seven I came in second place in the wheelbarrow race at the Fourth of July games.

And after my wedding day and the birth of my four children…….I considered that one of my life’s crowning achievements.

Until now.

I’ve had cause to re-evaluate and re-think.

Because today……I became a member of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Apron.Continue reading

All You Need Is a Tyrannosaurus Rex

All You Need Is a Tyrannosaurus Rex




Sometimes in life…..all you need is a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

On that long-ago first day of school my son ran into the house and tossed his backpack on the floor with all of the angst and despair a brand-new first grader could muster.  He eyed me mournfully and declared, “Mom…..we have a bully.”

Startled I said, “A bully?  Really?  In first-grade?”

“Yes,” he stated emphatically. “And he’s big.  And strong.  And mean.  And he pushes kids on the playground.”Continue reading

Valentines Day Glass

Valentines Day Glass


Valentines Day Glass

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? 

I do.

He was tall with really cute dimples and wavy hair and brown eyes and knobby knees.

And if you squinted your eyes and messed up his hair a little…..he looked just like Shaun Cassidy.

I thought he was perfect and I was in love with love and when he smiled I would melt.

I drew our names together everywhere…..on the back of my English book with little hearts all around it……on the dirty windshield of the car surrounded with smiley faces……in the steam in the bathroom mirror sealed with a kiss..

I just knew that it was going to be true love forever.Continue reading

What Makes Me Tick?

What Makes Me Tick?

I am a talker.


It’s one of my specialties.

Not just a regular talker….but an over-the-top talker.

A blue-ribbon conversationalist.

A gold-medal chatterer. Anytime….anywhere…..I always have a lot to say.

Maybe that’s why I had a conversation yesterday about plates and colors and if you left your Christmas decorations up long enough…..could you just take some of the santa and reindeer away…..and call them Valentine’s Day decorations? I think it was a ten minute discussion on decorating and un-decorating and Christmas trees and hearts in the Wal-Mart plate department…..

……with a complete stranger.Continue reading