“Noel” Pillow Cover Giveaway

“Noel” Pillow Cover Giveaway


This giveaway is now closed 

This is where I have spent the summers of my life.

Cape Cod.

With my toes in the sand and my face turned toward the ocean breezes.

This is where I hunted for sea glass and played hide and seek in the jetties and searched for sand dollars and crabs and little random bits of absolute nonsense that washed up on the shore.

The days were long and lazy and full of adventure.Continue reading

Easy Drop Cloth Curtains

Easy Drop Cloth Curtains



This world is full of unsolved mysteries.

Who built Stonehenge?

Was there really a Lost City of Atlantis?

Is the world going to be inhabited by aliens in the next century?

Where did the Don Draper we all know and love disappear to during the last season of Mad Men?Continue reading

A Little Bling

A Little Bling


I am so happy.

And so tired.

The good kind of tired.

The kind of tired that happens when you have driven across the country to speak at a conference wearing these earrings…..

…..and you gave it everything you had.Continue reading

Fall In Love With Spray Paint

Fall In Love With Spray Paint

Rusty Garden Gate


Who doesn’t love a good spray paint project?

Especially one that started like this…..Continue reading

Fall Mantel Ideas

Fall Mantel Ideas



The other day Free and Cheap had a conversation with the garden gate about my fall mantel.

They were talking about fall mantel ideas.

Have you ever met Free or Cheap before?


They are so cute and so…..well….so irresistible.

We are BFF’s.Continue reading

Horn O’ Plenty

Horn O’ Plenty


I am totally going into the t-shirt business.


I’m printing my first shirt with this….

……”I went on a 200-mile-yard-sale and all I brought back was a cornucopia.”Continue reading

I Hope You Dance

I Hope You Dance


Family Room

I have written posts on kitchens and dining rooms and burlap drapes and porches and pancakes and barn doors and pecan pies.

And somewhere between the pom-pom pillow and the pallet top desk….

….I wrote a post from my heart.

A post about the ability to live each and every day to the fullest.

A post about a twirly whirly skirt.

It’s such a simple post, really.   But when I wrote it…..I left my heart on the page.

When I wrote it I cried.

And then I laughed.

And then I counted my blessings.

It is my favorite post I have ever written.Continue reading

My Birdseed Dress

My Birdseed Dress


Back Porch Fall

If this blog were reality television show…..it would be Project Runway…..and today would be the unconventional challenge.

You know what I’m talking about.

The episode where they take trash or candy or flowers or pet store items and create an outfit.Continue reading