Am I the last person in America not to know about chalkboard spray paint?

The last person in the world?

In the universe?

Are there currently spray painters on Mars using chalkboard spray paint…..creating incredible chalkboard spray paint projects with Martian craft supplies?

And all the time…..I had no idea.Continue reading

Farmhouse Pecan Pie

Farmhouse Pecan Pie

Farmhouse Pecan Pie Thistlewood Farm

I have always wanted to make a pecan pie.

Actually….I think I just wanted to be able to drop my pecan pie making ability into conversation.

Something a little like this….“Isn’t this great weather we are having and what about those Real Housewives of New York City and have you seen how amazing it looks when you spray paint a pumpkin with flat black spray paint…..oh…..and by the way….I made a pecan pie.”

I never have conversations like that.Continue reading

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside (and a Funny Story)

Fall Decorating Ideas for Outside (and a Funny Story)

Does it make you old if you can remember life before you looked for fall decorating ideas on Pinterest?

Or Facebook?

Or Twitter?

Or you can remember a time when social and media would never even have been used in the same sentence?Continue reading

Fall In Love With Spray Paint

Fall In Love With Spray Paint


What is it with all the random things that keep showing up on this blog?

Random things that used to be outside and then showed up inside because they were (a) free and (b) didn’t cost anything and (c) no charge and (d) priced right.


It’s like enough already.

First there was the stable door  from an abandoned barn that arrived in the family room and turned into the back drop for a fall mantel.


It’s hard to pass up a free stable door.Continue reading

State Pumpkin Project

State Pumpkin Project


State Pumpkin Project Fall

Please tell me that you live in a state.

A state that has pumpkins.

And white and black paint.

And vinyl.

Because those are the very best kind of states.

Yep.Continue reading

Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure



I love a good trash to treasure story.

So when I look for things to hang on the wall…..

….I don’t usually go to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or Home Goods or Target.

Don’t get me wrong…..I love to go shopping there.

I could spend hours just at Target alone….wandering blissfully down the aisles….pushing one of those red carts with a diet coke from the concession stand….sifting through all the clearance bins at the end of the aisle.Continue reading

A Farmhouse Door

A Farmhouse Door

Fall Front Door

We got a new front door.

A new farmhouse door.

Doesn’t that seem like such a simple thing?

Nothing earth shattering.

Nothing even remotely unique.

Or inventive.

Or special.


But for me it is.Continue reading

Fall Tablescape Ideas

Fall Tablescape Ideas



Fall tablescape ideas

I spent yesterday afternoon discussing fall decorating with the twins.

And why leaves change colors.

And that fall is great because it’s not too hot and not too cold.

And why white pumpkins are amazing.

And why I had an old wheelbarrow on the back porch.Continue reading