Add Trim to a Sheet

Add Trim to a Sheet

Yellow Pink Orange Pillow


Remember my “no buy” words?

There’s one important point I forgot to mention.

They don’t apply to the clearance bins at Wal-mart.Continue reading

Southern Bloggers Conference Ticket Giveaway

Southern Bloggers Conference Ticket Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed 🙂 Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

gray and white farmhouse christmas

 photo credit RTM Connect

December 9, 2011

This is the first picture from the first post I ever wrote for the blog.

It seems like it was yesterday.

I can remember sitting in front of the computer….staring at this picture….trying to think of something to write about.

With absolutely positively no idea where to start.Continue reading

Ask Miss Manners

Ask Miss Manners


Does anyone have Miss Manner’s e-mail address?

I really need a little advice.

Because I have a blog etiquette question:Continue reading

Interested in Being a Honorary Pinner?

Interested in Being a Honorary Pinner?

gray and white farmhouse kitchen

photo credit:  RTM Connect


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My “Do Not Buy” Word(s)

My “Do Not Buy” Word(s)

Laundry Soap


Do you ever feel like you have too much stuff?

Way too much stuff.

Like you could furnish an entire second story wing without ever leaving home.

Like your basement or attic or garage or 24 out buildings are one step away from an episode of hoarders.

Like all of your stuff is plotting a political overthrow with plans to form a totalitarian government and set up government housing……

…..all without your permission.Continue reading

Painted Striped Front Porch Steps

Painted Striped Front Porch Steps

Paint for front porch steps : $34.70

Paintbrush to paint front porch steps:  $6.97

Frog tape for creating crisp lines:  free swag from HavenContinue reading

The Month That Was July

The Month That Was July

It is so quiet here.

We are back from vacation and school has just started.


Chaos no longer reigns supreme here at Thistlewood Farm.


And I think I kind of miss it 🙂


Because you were probably on vacation, too, I put together a month in review in case you missed anything.

So with very little fanfare and to a light smattering of applause……here is the month that was July 🙂

Click on any of the pictures to take you to the projects.


                Auction Find                                                       $1.04 Wire Cloche

          Croquet Mallet Hook                                   Upside Down Bookshelf Turned Hutch


Painted Kitchen Island Handwritten Recipe Towel

            Painted Kitchen Island                                Handwritten Recipe Towel


Wooden Beach Sign

              Hand-Sewn Tray                                                 Wooden Beach Sign


Playhouse Tour

       Spray-Painted Numbered Baskets                          Playroom Tour


A True Love Story

Pancake Love Story                                                        Cork Desk Top


Here’s to a wonderful August 🙂


A True Love Story

A True Love Story

PS  This was my favorite post of the month.

Do you have a favorite?

PPS  Speaking of favorites…..I am posting all about my favorite room over at Savvy Southern Style today.  Stop by and say hello!


None of the Above

None of the Above

Laundry room


A little less than a month ago I asked you for a big opinion.


And 631 of you gave me one.

You are my heroes.Continue reading