Simple Tip For Sharper Photographs

Simple Tip For Sharper Photographs


Simplest Tip Graphic

I wanted to tell you this tip for a while.

But I was nervous.


Because then you might actually think I know what I am doing when it comes to photography.

And I don’t.

I mean…..I know a little.

A very little.

And sometimes….knowing a little is the worst.  It’s like climbing Mount Everest in the middle of winter……and starting off in shorts and a t-shirt.  You didn’t really understand what the climb was all about.  You never even thought you might need a snowsuit or sunglasses or granola or water or heating pads for your mittens or a pick or special climbing shoes or rope or a shovel or a tent.

You were just happy to be at the mountain.

And then someone tells you everything you need to know.

And learn.  And buy.  And understand.

And slowly… start to realize that there is more to this journey than you ever imagined.Continue reading

Cherry Cheesecake In a Jar

Cherry Cheesecake In a Jar

Cherry Cheesecake


Do you remember the mom in “Leave It To Beaver?”

I don’t even know her name.

All I remember about her….was that she was perfect.

She had cute hair that bobbed up on the side and tidy starched dresses and shiny earrings and a smile on her face…..all while cooking and cleaning and dusting and making lunches and entertaining her husband and keeping the Beaver and Wally out of trouble and away from Eddie Haskell.Continue reading

Before and After

Before and After

Bakset ruffled shower curtain


Do you ever feel that there are days when this blog is about a whole lot of after?

Without any before?

Way too much….where we are…instead of….where we’ve been?


Well…if “before’s” are your thing……today is your lucky day 🙂


Look what I found.Continue reading

Marquee Number Growth Chart

Marquee Number Growth Chart


Dear Mrs. Fourth Grade Teacher.


Truly, I can’t thank you enough for teaching the twins that snappy peppy tune about photosynthesis.

You know which one.

That disco, hip-hop number with all the choreography.

Kind of MC Hammer meets Bill Nye the Science Guy.Continue reading

A Moment of Brilliance

A Moment of Brilliance

 I’m sharing my map at Rhoda’s today

School has started.

Notebooks and rulers and protractors and calculators and polka-dotted backpacks and pencils with erasers that sing a song have all been purchased for the four future college graduates that live within these farmhouse walls.

Summer is over and life is once again in full swing.

Days are filled to the brim with cheerleading practices and track practice and girl scouts and youth group and environmental science club…..and homework.

And middle school baseball.Continue reading

Silver Spoon Bracelet

Silver Spoon Bracelet


silver stamped spoon bracelet

Did you know that August 23 is tutorial day here at Thistlewood?

I mean a real tutorial.

With numbered steps.Continue reading

Spinach Walnut Penne

Spinach Walnut Penne


spinach walnut penne

My macaroni and cheese kitchen is smiling.

Smiling from ear to ear because I made a recipe with more than four ingredients.

There are seven ingredients to be exact.

And it’s healthy…only 387 calories per serving.Continue reading

Air Your Clean Laundry

Air Your Clean Laundry



There are days when I like to pretend that Laura Ingalls Wilder lives next door.

In her little house on the prairie.

And she and Mary and Carrie and Grace always stop by to help me get the eggs out of the chicken coop and pick the corn from the garden for supper and milk the cows.

And Charles is always available for anything that requires a wagon and sage advice.

And Caroline Ingalls is always bringing over a peach pie.Continue reading