All About Color

All About Color

Do you think I use the word “awesome” too much?

You can tell me the truth.

I can take it.Continue reading

Cork Topped Desk

Cork Topped Desk


I have been on a journey of self-discovery this weekend.


And in the process, I have learned three very important things about myself.

(1)  I discovered that when I drive in the car with my husband and he leaves the windshield wipers on for 37 minutes after it has stopped raining and they are scraping against the window even though there is not a drop of rain in the sky and the wipers are making a sound that resembles nails on a chalkboard and no one else but me even notices…..

…..if I just think about this…..I will forget all about the wipers.Continue reading




Remember the smocked burlap curtains?


Remember how much we loved them?

Remember how we wanted to wrap ourselves in burlap and paint the town?Continue reading

Stitched Tray

Stitched Tray

& nbsp;


If I were a wooden tray…..this is what I would want to be when I grew up.

Nothing too fancy for me.

No walk on the wild side.

No partying with the hors d’oeuvres and the fruit tray.Continue reading

Twitter Party

Twitter Party

Hometalk, Twitter, Party


It’s almost time for the Twitter Party!


What are you doing in 59 minutes?

Why not join us for a Twitter party?

Do the words “Twitter Party” make you nervous?


Me too 🙂

But together we can do it.


Really…..wouldn’t it be fun to just drop in conversation tomorrow, “I attended a Twitter Party last night” and amaze your friends and family and your super social media savvy.


If you are interested

(1)  Follow me on Twitter

(2)  Follow Hometalk on Twitter.

(2)  At 7:00 CST type in #askhometalk and follow along (if you are a late….just join in whenever you can)!

(3)  When you type in #askhometalk…..all the people on the Twitter chat will appear in a stream.  You can follow along and if you want to respond… just type a response and add #askhometalk at the end to make sure your response is included in the party!

(4)  For a more detail explanation…..check out this post or this post…..or you can e-mail me with any questions.

Hope to see you there!

Economics 101

Economics 101

July wooden calendar


We try to teach economics 101 to the four future taxpayers living here at the farm.

Dollars and cents.

Supply and demand.

The Laffer curve.

Why money doesn’t grow on trees.Continue reading

Spray Painted Numbered Baskets

Spray Painted Numbered Baskets

Butler's Pantry


I just want you to know.

In case you ever visit my house and get the mistaken impression that I’m organized…..

….I’m not.Continue reading

Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

I wish you lived down the road.

I wish you lived in the white house with the shutters and the picket fence and the stone path lined with hydrangea.

And I wish you could stop by this morning for coffee.


And we could sit at the kitchen table and talk about the party.

Oh what a party it was.

A craft-making, apron-wearing, pineapple-eating celebration.


We would have full party analysis…..starting with how I went to the dollar store and recycled all the Fourth of July decorations.

You would laugh and tell me you already knew that.

“Really?”  I would say.  “How?”

And you would have to put your coffee down because you were giggling so hard.

Shaking with laughter you would point at one of my hanging spray-painted decorations and tell me that I forgot to spray paint over the stars and stripes.

And then I would start laughing too….because the only thing better than unpainted recycled Fourth of July decorations…..

… having a friend to laugh about it with.




And then we would agree that we had the best friends.


Hometalk Craft


Who each wore these adorable aprons to the craft-making, apron-wearing, pineapple-eating festivities.


My Old Kentucky Home


Then a full-on discussion would ensue about how cute the craft turned out.

And how easy it was.

And how we should make crafts at all our parties.

Action shot

Then you would ask me how I thought of ever thought of painting over stickers and then peeling them off to make the letters on the sign.

And I would tell you Pinterest.

And you would say,” Of course.”


And then we would have 10 minute conversation on how The Bachelorette should have picked Ari and how he looked completely heartbroken and how we’ve never really been that crazy about Jef since he rode in on that skateboard, but that he did kind of redeem himself with that sweet proposal and maybe Emily and Jef might make a cute couple.

Followed by a discussion on how…in general….ribbons have really come a long way.



Then you would tell me how yummy those cupcakes were…..

…..but why did I put those arrows on top of the cupcakes?

And then I would have to officially spit out my coffee.

I would try to tell you…..but I would be laughing too hard.

“Arrows?” I would say.  “Seriously.”

“Those are houses.”

“Houses on top of the cupcakes.”

Pineapple Houses

And then….you would give me the funniest look.

And very quietly….lean in and whisper, “Does that mean that the pineapples in the display weren’t  arrows, either?”

And I would roll my eyes.

And sigh.


And then you would smile and tell me that you were just kidding…..of course you knew they were houses……

….after all….who could miss the grape handles and strawberry doors 🙂


Hometalk Apron



PS  This party and this post were brought to you by Hometalk.  If you are interested in having a Hometalk party at your house….Hometalk will send you these cute, adorable aprons!

Interested in having your own Hometalk party? 

Check out the details over on the Hometalk blog!


You can also e-mail me for party advice….

…..or if you need directions for making your own pineapple arrows 🙂

PPS  I am part of the Hometalk Ambassador team, but the opinions I have expressed here are 100% my own.  Please see my  disclosure policy for more information.