Blueberry Pinapple Dessert

Blueberry Pinapple Dessert




I did it.

Really.   I did it and I am so all about myself today that I can’t even stand it.

If I could, I would throw myself a parade and march down main street with a silver-spangled baton and a 76 piece marching band.

Because today….today I stood in the middle of my macaroni and cheese kitchen….home of the hot dog pot pie…

….and baked something.Continue reading

Bookcase Molding

Bookcase Molding


This is not Extreme Make-over:  The Bookcase Edition.

No plastic surgery.

No facial reconstruction.

No dental implants.

Nothing drastic.

It’s just a mini-makeover.  Kind of like when Kathy Lee and Hoda nab an unsuspecting woman off the street and take her into the studio.  And they change her hair color and give her a new hair cut and style and put some eye shadow on her and dress her in some Spanx and a really cute outfit from JC Penny’s.  And then she comes out from behind the curtain and her family is all like “You look incredible.”  And then she breaks into hysterical sobs because she realizes that she has finally left the 1970’s behind and stepped into 2012.Continue reading

What’s A Mom to Say?

What’s A Mom to Say?


If you are a member of the anti-wood painting club.

This is not the post for you.

If you have a visceral reaction to white, painted wood.

Cover your eyes and look away.


And don’t be a hater.


Oh wait.

I forgot.

The last time I said that on the blog, my son told me not to say it anymore.Continue reading

Terrace Project

Terrace Project

victorian farmhouse


Go past Tennessee and turn right.

Then travel 4.5 miles past the horse barn and cow fields and the corn fields and then turn left.

At the end of that long winding country road, you’ll see this.


Our place.

I’m the one on the porch with the sweet tea.

side yard


When you get there,Continue reading

Put Down the Hee Haw Megaphone

Put Down the Hee Haw Megaphone


I told you.

I told you these would be my ticket to fame and fortune.

Dust bunnies.

They have taken me from the dusty floors of an old farmhouse to the big wide world of broadcasting.



It’s where all the cool dust bunny moguls are at these days.

And Kelly and I are no exception.

We have spent entirely too much time laughing and talking and creating and writing and painting and not cleaning or dusting or vacuuming or washing or wiping.  And all the while our dust bunny empire has been growing at a rapid pace.  Multiplying and forming unions and voting blocks and non-collective bargaining agreements.

So rather than fight the growing onslaught of our dust bunny proteges….

…..we decided, instead, to embrace them and create “A Dust Bunny Life.”



It’s a little podcast that we put together featuring Amy from The Salvage Collection.

The Salvage Collection

Amy is incredible and wonderful and witty and insightful.

Exactly what you want in your first podcast guest.

She talks to her furniture and creates subway art and plans out her new kitchen and creates and laughs and generally inspires me every day.

And she took a few minutes out of her life to discuss everything and anything….from the random and the sublime….with Kelly and I…..for our first ever edition of “A Dust Bunny Life.”


A few show notes to be aware of before you listen:

(1)  Could I be any louder on this podcast?   Seriously.  I sound like I am on the set of Hee Haw….holding a megaphone.

Note to self:  work on southern accent.


(2)  Could I use the word “incredible” any more times?

Note to self:  branch out…. invest in a really good thesaurus.


(3)  Could I be more of an over-laugher?  Really.  The pod-cast is just me laughing.  At Kelly.  Except you can’t really hear Kelly because I am holding my Hee Haw megaphone and guffawing.

Note to self:  Hand Kelly the megaphone for the next podcast.


(4)  I know 20 minutes is a long time.  We were planning on five.  The guffawing put us over.

We’ll be better at time management next time.

I promise.


And now…..with great fanfare and a little Hee Haw megaphone solo…..

Introducing the newest podcast to hit the airways:

 “A Dust Bunny Life”

sponsored by the dust bunny super pac

Barnwood Letter

Barnwood Letter

In case you haven’t noticed.

Just in case you have been out of the country on an exotic island or under a rock or twiddling your banjo-playing toes.

It’s true.

Barn wood is the current “IT girl.”  It’s everywhere and anywhere and all the wheres that where could ever be.

You could even say that……it’s the new silly bands for 2012.


Good thing I live in the country.

Good thing I live where there are plenty of cows and sheep and goats and horses and hay.

Good thing people build places for all of those animals to live in.

And good thing I know people who know people who know people who own….you guessed it….




I’ve seen barn wood wainscoting.

And barn wood tables.

And a super pricey, but awesomely cute barn wood platform beds.

And barn wood signs.

And absolutely-adorable-wish-I-would-have-thought-of-it-first barn wood headboards.

But today is not furniture-building-wainscot-sign-making-Monday.  Today, a group of my favorite bloggers and I are all posting our favorite “It’s a Cinch” for the month.

Easy.  Simple.  Uncomplicated.

I think today should be called….it’s a cinch….the second chapter.


Barn Wood Letter

1.  Start with your barn wood.  

If you get it right off the barn you will need to clean it….thouroughly.

If you know people who know people who will go and get the barn wood and clean it and leave it for you to pick up….count your blessings.

I am lucky.

I have two barn czars.

Daryl and Dale.

I’m adding them to my payroll….along with my arrow-creator and my vinyl-maker.

With all my peeps you can just call me the P Diddy of rural Kentucky.

 (2)  Draw out your letter on the barn wood.  

Typically barn wood is about 11″ wide.

This Z is 11″ wide and 14 3/4″ long.  The top and the bottom and diagonal lines are all 3″ wide.

Is this even making sense?  I think I really need Becca to write all my tutorials for me.

She speaks tutorial fluently.


(3)  Using a scroll saw, cut out the letter you traced in the barn wood and sand the edges to give it a worn look.

That’s it.





Then hang your barn letter in the playroom.

And take your barn czar out to dinner and…..

   ….tell him….now the barn doors are calling your name 🙂

PS  If you want to see more cinchy projects with much better tutorials, please visit each one of these incredible bloggers:

Or check out our joint “It’s A Cinch” pinterest board.

It's An S Cinch 250 thumbnailits a cinch andreas 250by250 (2)it's a cinch umbrellawreaththumbnail (2)it's a cinch dry erase thumbnail (2)


PS  I am partying over at Today’s Creative Blog.



Five Amazing Things About This Picture

Five Amazing Things About This Picture

Five Amazing Things About This Picture


(1)  It is amazing that it only took me 23 shots.

To realize that my head was in the mirror in each…and…every….one….of…them.


And while I was having a really good hair day and my red lipstick was visible from space….my intent was not to draw attention to myself with random fuzzy mirror shots.

You see, I guess I forgot to tell myself that I was scheduling the random fuzzy mirror shot tutorial for next week.  Where I planned to discuss in great detail how to photograph yourself in a mirror and not end up looking like a cross between Annie Leibovitz and Flo from the Progressive insurance commercial.



(2)  Amazing…these peonies are.

Cut fresh from the garden.

They are the most beautiful shade of pink.


(3)  Even more amazing?

If you add a penny and aspirin to the water, it makes these flowers stay fresh so much longer.

And that my first tutorial I ever posted on the blog was for this burlap vase.

Back in the day.

Before the whole step-by-step tutorial fiasco of 2012.



(4)  These Union Jack Pillows are amazing.

I saw them in Linda’s new shop.

And I had to buck the anti-freshy trend and have them.

There was no way I was saying no to drop cloth with an English accent.



(5)  But the most amazing thing about this photograph is:           I took it.

I know.

I am stating the obvious.

But that simple statement takes on epic proportions when you understand that I just got a new camera for my birthday and I am a little scared of it.  It arrived in the mail and sat in the box for two weeks….staring at me.

Judging me.


I think it might even have mocked me a few times.

And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the camera laughed the first time I tried to use it and I couldn’t even get it to take a picture.  And I know it kept giggling as I frantically spent 45 minutes googling “problems with your camera” and trying to call camera-support people on-line and pacing and wringing my hands and second guessing my decision to ever leave the point and shoot world behind.

And I am sure the camera elbowed the tripod and they both guffawed when I realized…..

…..that the lens wasn’t even attached.


Thank you.  Thank you.  No need for applause.  I’ll be here all week 🙂


PS  I am guest posting today over at the incomparable Cassie’s.  If you want to read about where all of the tiny pieces of paper in our house go to party like it’s 2012….be sure to stop by and say hi.

PPS  I’m partying it at Kristi’s and Jen Rizzo’s and Kim’s and Between Naps on A Porch and Thrifty Decor Chick.

Enough already.

Whew, I’m tired.

Etched Glass Monogram

Etched Glass Monogram


Etched Glass

Have you ever wanted to know how to create an etched glass?

Or even better… to etch a monogram?

This is the etched glass place.



As in “My Old Kentucky Home.”

As in the “Bluegrass State.”

As in the Derby.

As in mint juleps and sweet iced tea.

And the perfect monogrammed glass to put it in. 🙂


Etched in Glass

Etched Glass Monogram

(please note:  use gloves when making this project and follow all safety precautions on the label)

Step 1.  Purchase glasses at dollar store for literally….one dollar.

Take home and photograph the glasses on your back porch and on your kitchen hutch.

Try to decide which photograph location you like best.

Remain completely indecisive and work both photographs into the post while hoping that no one notices you have two photographs of glasses without any monograms on them.


Etching on Glass


Step 2:  Purchase round stickers from the dollar store.

Remove stickers in the center, leaving the circle outline.

Stick circle outlines onto glass and place a letter sticker into the center of the circle.

I just bought regular stickers at Hobby Lobby and took the W’s out of the package.

I had to buy the entire alphabet of stickers.

Note:  You can also tape off a square with painter’s tape if you can’t find circle stickers.




Step 3:   Apply etching cream with a brush

Leave on for about 45 seconds.

I used Armour Etch.

Here are the directions for the project from their website.

Note:  Each etching cream may be slightly different.  

Be sure to follow directions and safety precautions on the bottle of etching cream you bought.




Step 4:  Wash off etching cream with soap and water.

Peel off “W” sticker.

Your “W” should be clear and the circle should be etched.

Wash glass with soap and water thoroughly again to make sure all etching cream is removed.


Then stand back and salute the flag.

Because you live in America.

Home to Kentucky.


And count your blessings that you live in Kentucky where thoroughbreds, jockeys and Church Hill Downs reign supreme.

And monogram iced tea glasses can be had for a mere 15 minutes and $1.27 🙂


 For more monogrammed projects….be sure to check out my monogram projects page.