Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden


Pallet Garden I have a truly incredible friend.

Her name is Laura.

And I am as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west….as sure as I know that MaryAnne was always in love with the professor….as sure as The Bachelorette will find true love this season….as sure as I know that this couple has been dressing alike since 1970.


I’m that sure.

I’m sure that Laura knows how to do everything.Continue reading

The Great Outdoors Linky Party

The Great Outdoors Linky Party


Is it considered so 1980 to sing “Celebration” ….as in “Celebrate…good times….come on.”

Are Kool and the Gang so 3.2 decades ago?

Are we just so over it all?




Not here at Thistlewood.

Not here with farm and the gang.

Not when we are partying like it’s summer 2012.



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Notes On a Back Porch

Notes On a Back Porch

screed n back porch


In my e-mail I have 31 folders.

Some of them are fancy with fancy names.

Like “Recipes I Hope One Day I Have the Courage to Make” and “Promotional Ideas I Should Have Thought Of” and “Stories I Want to Tell Someday.”

Folders so fancy that I want to add $5 dollar words to the titles like “plethora” and “myriad” and “amalgamation.”




Some are reminder folders.Continue reading

And Then There Were Six

And Then There Were Six


Remember the 5000 grass seed planting project?

Remember the inspiration?

Remember the vision?

Of rows and rows of pavers with lush patches of green grass squishing between the toes as far as the eye could see.  Pavers and grass and adirondack chairs….ready for a sunny day with a high of 75.

Remember the sweet tea?

And the croquet set?Continue reading

Spring Mantel

Spring Mantel

In my head, I always categorize my projects by punctuation.Continue reading

Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain


Are you sick of the arrows yet?


Do you remember those pre-arrow days with great fondness?

Before Paint and PicMonkey and Picasa…..when all the pictures on the blog were footloose and arrow-free.

And now…

And now I have the nerve to add borders.Continue reading

Salamanders and The People Who Love Them

Salamanders and The People Who Love Them



People wonder if there are actual children that live here at Thistlewood Farm.


Children who eat Cheetos.

Children who walk through the mud and the rain and the puddles and then rejoice in bringing all that outside in.

Children who draw with markers and crayons and make crafts involving paper and glue and glitter and fairy dust.

Children who build forts in the creek and crawdad ponds in the field and have cornered the market on turtle hotels.


Do those children live here?Continue reading

Run For the Roses

Run For the Roses


Do you ever have a post that writes itself?

Something that is on your heart.

Something that you know that you know that you know.

Without a doubt.

With absolute certainty.

But you don’t really know how to say it.Continue reading