The Wisdom Found In a Brownie Fudge Sundae

The Wisdom Found In a Brownie Fudge Sundae


I spent yesterday of Memorial Day weekend curled up in chairs with sweet tea and a deep conversation with one of the twins.  We talked about everything from how to style a messy bun to painting our toenails to world peace.

No phones.

No electronic devices.

No distractions.

Just hours and hours of heart sharing as the afternoon slipped away.

I was in the middle of telling her about my first dorm room in college and how I bought a moped and drove it around with long-parrot earrings flying in the wind….

….when suddenly she stopped me with a question.

“How did you know you were in love with Daddy?” she said.

“I just knew,” I told her.

“Yes,” she said. “But how did you know?  What made you sure?”

I paused and smiled and said, “It was the brownie fudge sundae.”Continue reading




Random thoughts on a drizzly Saturday morning:

1. Every Saturday I type the word Thistlekeeping at the top of this post and I smile.  So far I’ve typed it 134 times.  Here’s to 135.

2. I love a photo with a little bokeh.  See how the front part of the picture is blurry and the lemon is crisp?  That’s the best kind of bokeh.  It showed up with my 50 mm lens.

3. Have you ever noticed how just wearing yoga pants makes you feel skinnier?  Maybe it’s because when I put a pair on, my legs think there’s a chance of exercise.

4. I just saw pumpkins and fall decorations at a store and I wanted to scream out loud.  What is this? REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?  What about Father’s Day and Fourth of July and just general summer?

I really like pumpkins.  I promise, I do.  But I need some sweet tea before my hot chocolate.

Rant over.  Let’s get thistlekeeping. 🙂Continue reading

10 Easy Projects Made From Yard Sale Finds

10 Easy Projects Made From Yard Sale Finds


(this hutch was $75 dollars at a yard sale)

The other day I was driving down a winding country road.

You know, the one next to the chicken barn right after the fork in the road.

Out of the corner of my eye–I saw it.

Something that made my heart beat faster.  Something that made my eyes light up and my hands twitch and my hair curl up at the ends a little more and sing “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of my lungs…

…a multi-family yard sale sign.

More than just one family’s abandoned treasures on display for only a quarter.  Welcome to yard sale season.  Before your next trip, here are some of my favorite yard sale finds ever and what I made from them.

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No One Puts a Thrift Store Shopper In the Corner

No One Puts a Thrift Store Shopper In the Corner


Did anyone watch the new Dirty Dancing movie?

It was on last night and I was going to turn it on and put on my stirrup pants and bright blue eye shadow and rat my perm and go all 1987 and remind myself why no one puts baby in the corner.


Except I literally was driving kids around and celebrating the end of a school year and wondering if I should cut bangs in my hair…

…and I forgot.

Kind of like I forgot that stirrup pants don’t really work for me.

So to celebrate all things Dirty Dancing and amazing thrift store finds and chair makeovers, I found this post in the archives.

Here’s to best friends everywhere. 🙂Continue reading

Butler’s Pantry Sliding Barn Door

Butler’s Pantry Sliding Barn Door


disclosure:  this post is sponsored by National Hardware.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the butler’s pantry.

It had a rough beginning with faux brick flooring and a floating water heater and stand-up freezer.

Kind of the pantry that time forgot.

We added built-ins and painted the shelving SW Extra White and the walls SW Mindful Gray and added dishes and a chalkboard menu and peel and stick flooring…

…and told the pantry it was beautiful.

When I designed the space and I planned the open shelving, I always imagined a barn door.  But then we got busy with baseball and cheerleading and basketball and life and the barn door was only a dream.

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Summer House Tour and 10 Easy Decorating Ideas

Summer House Tour and 10 Easy Decorating Ideas


I know I say this every year…

…but doesn’t it seem like we were just opening Christmas presents?

I’m pretty sure if I looked hard enough, I’d discover a few ornaments tucked away in a piece of milk glass.

But winter is gone.

Spring somehow showed up for a minute with some flowers.

And now?

It’s summer.  Time for sunshine and lazy days and sweet tea and green grass and fresh cut hay….

…and a summer house tour and 10 easy decorating tips along the way.Continue reading




Random thoughts on a Saturday morning.

1. Have you ever painted ladybugs and stripes to your toes?  What if you were going to the beach?  Too much?

2. It’s a gloomy day here.  I think I’m binge watching the new Anne of Green Gables.  Has anyone else seen it?

3.  I found the cutest earrings at Cracker Barrel.   I know?  Apparently, accessories with your pancakes is a thing.

4.  I have the cutest project I’m working on this summer that involves traveling the country and photographing houses.  I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

5.  I just found a new program for my computer that’s FREE and life changing.  Like the kind of life changing that makes you happy to be alive.  It’s called Grammarly and it just told me that I spelled apparently wrong and added a comma all at the same time.  If you don’t speak grammar or you’re like me and didn’t pay attention in second grade when they rolled out the punctuation….

….this is the solution for you. 🙂Continue reading

Before and After Loft Workspace With National Painting Week

Before and After Loft Workspace With National Painting Week


I have been waiting for 1,900,800 seconds to show you this before and after I worked on in conjunction with Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week.

That’s 31,680 minutes.

Or 528 hours.

Or a really, really, really long time.

It all started with a request.  We have a brand new cancer center going up in our town. My sister is a local artist and she was asked to create an mixed-media art installation with a group of cancer survivors.  It’s a giant tree with leaf after leaf after leaf created from the pages of each of the survivor’s journals.

Words transformed into art transformed into inspiration…

….with hope written in every line.Continue reading