DIY Galvanized Metal Tags

DIY Galvanized Metal Tags


If you ever stopped by my mother’s house on Christmas morning and met my family….

….this post would make even more sense.

Suffice it to say we are a lot.

A lot of family (27 people just with us).

A lot of laughing.  A lot of homemade cookies (not by me).  A lot of inside jokes.  A lot of opinions.  A lot of coffee.

And a lot of handmade presents.

We are also a lot of competitive (in a good way).  Everyone wants to give a gift from the heart.  The kind of gift where you open it and joy trickles out from between the tissue paper.

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DIY Drop Cloth Wreath

DIY Drop Cloth Wreath


When I was little my mother had a pair of scissors that she only used to cut fabric.

I thought it was ridiculous.

Scissors?  Just for fabric? When I needed scissors for glitter paper and pipe cleaners and glued-up construction paper?

In a house full of seven creative people, scissors were a hot commodity.  I’d open the drawer and stare longingly at them and think maybe just this once…

…and then I’d see my mother’s frown.

Yesterday when I was cutting out leaves for this drop cloth wreath, I decided she wasn’t ridiculous any more.

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Easy Christmas Handmade Gift and Decor Ideas

Easy Christmas Handmade Gift and Decor Ideas


There are days when I am all about myself and my handmade projects.

And then?

I visit my sister, Whitney.

A couple of weeks ago when I was home for Thanksgiving, I went to a show that Whitney was asked to be a part of put on by ETSY.  I didn’t get a chance to peek at the items she had in her booth before she left the show.

Good thing.

They would have never left the house.

Seriously, ya’ll.  I know she’s my sister and as a blogger I’m supposed to be impartial and discerning and look at everything with a critical eye…

…but she literally made me want get a megaphone and shout from the rooftops that I was related to her.

So I bought one of almost everything she had and asked her if I could show all of you and tell how she made them just in case you needed a little extra handmade Christmas inspiration.

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Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree


This post is sponsored by Elmer’s.

Last week I wrote a to be continued….

….and I never even knew it.

Blame it on Christmas brain.

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Random thoughts on a frosty Saturday morning:

1. The Crown.

2. The Crown.

3. The Crown.

I am not exaggerating.  I watched the whole series on Netflix.  I couldn’t put it down.  It starts with Princess Elizabeth (the current one, not the one who had red hair from the sixteenth century).  It follows her reign and her relationship with her husband Prince Phillip (who is super cute) and the challenges she faced taking over the monarchy at such a young age.

And the cinematography?


I know Poldark may have let us all down, but Elizabeth?

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“Leave a Joy Trail” Advent Calendar

“Leave a Joy Trail” Advent Calendar


Over the years we have celebrated a multitude of advent calendars with our family.

A plethora.

A myriad.  A profusion.  A deluge.  A plenitude.

A lot.

We’ve had candy and gifts and countdowns and pin the ornament on the tree type of advent calendars.

But this year?  This year I wanted to try something different.  Something to celebrate a season that isn’t really about us.  Something to make a small difference in a big way.

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My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree

My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree


This post was written in collaboration with Puleo, International, Inc.

Just when I thought I couldn’t adore you anymore.

You went and inspired me again.

If you are into a handmade Christmas or want a few ideas on handmade gifts or cry a little with joy over these amazing ornament stories.  You have to read the comments on this post and this post.

So when Puleo, a maker of great Christmas trees and garlands and wreaths sold to stores here and internationally, asked me to decorate one of their trees and photograph to be used in social media promotion–I knew that I knew that I knew….

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The Year of Handmade

The Year of Handmade


Twelve years ago we started with the handmade gifts.

It was born of necessity.  There were brothers and sisters and dads and moms and cousins and grandmas and nieces and nephews who gathered around the Christmas tree every year.

And none of us were millionaires.

Not even close.

It helps that we are all a little competitive, my siblings and I.  We all wanted to be the best.  We all wanted to make Santa proud.  So there were gifts of lampshades made from my father’s old slides and bowls carved from fallen trees and entire books created from old love letters and a thistle created from the first 750 words from my blog.

So today, on the last day of November with December knocking at the door, I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas for a handmade Christmas.  Some are easy.  Some are a little harder.

But all are hand-crafted.


Handmade from the heart.
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